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[136] Instagramming Part 2..


1.My nail polishes 2.Flat peach 3.Cupcakes 4.Kisses 5.On route to the gym 6.@Furrytrash asleep on my kitchen floor 7.Randoms 8.Birthday cupcakes 9.Kiddy Converse 10.Kittys on the counter 11.Rocco 12.My new pipe 13.'Drama Queen' my mug at my bros place 14.Pretty cake 15.Mirror pic 16.Urbanears Plattan

Another week and another set of Instagram pics, this week the effect I used was 'Earlybird'. Love how soft these photos are, how has your week been? If you have done a post like this please link me to it below. 

Lots of Love



  1. A flat peach?!?! I've never seen one of those before!! Does it taste like a regular peach? I wonder if we get that in the U.S.

    Love your blog!!

  2. loove the one of you blowing a kiss! looks so flawless! xxx

  3. Ive had instagram for a while now but i havent done a post! Maybe i will now because i love yours!

  4. Wow your nail polish stroage is amazing! xoxo

  5. Nice collection of nail polish... and yummy cupcakes!


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