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Hello lovelies.. Hope all is well I am so glad today is Friday and the beginning of the weekend! I am so drained this week it's been such a heavy one. Now I had meant to schedule this post during the week but got totally sidetracked so instead I am posting it now. I have been blogging for almost two years now and well I have NEVER done the customary "What's in my bag post" no one has ever tagged me to do one or anything boohoo. So I decided to just do one, but the real reason i wanted to this now is because I have a new bag, my new baby which was a present from my mum and dad. 

It is of course the Alexander Wang Rocco with the long strap. I have been lusting over this bag forever and whilst there are many good copies of this bag I just decided that I needed a Rocco in my life. I also love the long strap as it makes it a lot easier to carry. I am so impressed with it and the size can appear to be deceiving and I could not believe how much this bag actually holds so I thought I'd do this post so you guys could see. I  love the leather it's so soft and has that distressed/worn look to it, black and gold is definitely my thing so this bag ticks all the boxes! 


What's in my bag!? 


MAC Fafi make up bag 
I honestly change my make up bag so often but this is one I have had since the MAC and Fafi collection a few years ago. I think the size is great as I don't carry much make up around with me and I love the fact it's see-through. I like being able to see what I have. 

YSL wallet 
I keep all my cash in here, receipts and loyalty cards etc. I got this a couple of Christmas' ago it was reduced in Selfridges sale from around £300 to £120! Bargain, the leather is just beginning to look a little worn and I really like it. 

Prada card holder 
 I use this to keep my bank cards and driving license in these are the things I reach for more often. I find it easier to keep this separate as I don't have to rummage through my bag to find them. It's baby pink so also stands out - I love it! 

Louis Vuitton coin purse
Apologies how filthy this is, it looks worse in this picture. I have had this FOREVER my brother bought me this on my 18th birthday bless him, he saved up all his pocket money and got it for me. Aww.. I keep all my coins in here to avoid bulking up my wallet. 

Prada Key holder and Louis Vuitton key holders : I have two lots of keys, house keys, keys to my nans as well as my garage key etc. Just find it a lot easier to keep them separate in holders. 

Car key
My car key is on a D&G keyring I picked that up from Bicester village about a year ago and the leathers changed colour from a bright orange to tan. 

HSBC Secure key
If any of you bank with HSBC you will know how annoying it is to now do your internet banking so this little key has to be with me at all times. 

"Keep calm and carry on"
This is my Oyster card holder (travel card), I bought it from Cards Galore and well it just makes me smile especially when I 'm getting irritated by the people on the London Underground, it reminds me to keep calm!

"Success - Comes to those who persist with determination" My aunty bought me this notebook years ago and I recently found it and now I keep it in my bag just to jot down random ideas, write lists to myself or whatever else I fancy. 

My laptop case 
This was made for me by my lovely MOTHER! Shout out to you Mouldy MAMA! She crocheted this and it just so happened to fit my macbook perfectly. I love it, it's so pretty and personal. I think she should start and ETSY page, what do you think!?

My Macbook 11" air 
This makes life so easy, it is such a gorgeous little machine and so light to carry around. I tend to blog from here now as opposed to my iMac/Macbook. I actually couldn't believe that this fit so well in my Rocco.

D&G Aviators 
Don't ask why I have sunglasses in my bag, it's one of those things you can never know whether you need or not in London. These have been in and out of my bag throughout the *ahem* summer! They are now out of my bag and will probably not be going back in until umm next year? They are this season and were from Sunglass hut. 

2011 Diary and Pen
Both from Paperchase, I used to have a grown up Filofax but I love nothing more than going into Paperchase to chose pretty stationary. 

iPhone and iPhone case 
Another case knitted by Mouldy Mama for my iPhone. 

YSL tote 
I use this to put my lunch in and also find it handy to carry around with just in case. 

Urbanears Plattan
My lovely new headphones that collapse down and fit so well in my bag. 

iPhone charger 
Simply because the battery sucks 

The scarf I was wearing at the time which is my Alexander McQueen scarf. 

There you have it and yes it ALL fits in ROCCO! yay! Link me to your posts, if you have done something similar! 


Lots of Love.. 



  1. Oh wow what a fabulous 'what's in your bag' post :). Gotta agree, iphone battering = pants! :/ Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have the rocco too and looks really are deceiving its like a mary poppins bag haha! Yes your mum really should start an Etsy page shes very talented, I love how it looks modern yet has a hint of old school about it...fab x

  3. that laptop case looks awesome!! mama mouldy is so cool!!

  4. I love this post, your bag is gorgeous and everything is just so organised! xx

  5. Great post its funny I just did one too! lol

  6. I love the look of the Rocco bag - is it heavy because of the studs?

  7. I was actually just looking into that Wang bag two days ago. I love yours! I was looking at the grey rocco for myself. xx

  8. Been blogging for 4 years and never done this post! Now that it's doing it rounds again I think I will do it this time ;)

  9. Awww that crochet case is sooo cute! Me wants it ;)

  10. I don't normally LoVe bags! but this one is lush! I wolnd't mind your belongings either :p haha! x

  11. OMG how much stuff do you carry girl? Myarm would fall off!!!!!!! <3 the bag though!!

  12. The Rocco seems like a bit of a Mary Poppins bag - you can get in a lot! That laptop case is beautiful, your mum should definitely get on Etsy.

  13. Great post Zara! I did a what's in my bag today!

  14. I have been obsessed with the Rocco bag for so long now! LOVE IT!
    Here's my what's in your bag post from last month:

    xxx Esh

  15. Omg I'm absolutely obsessed with your bag, gorgeous, but you already know that. I also have been looking into new headphones and really like yours, might have to look into them.

    Ps: You have one new follower :)

  16. wow. all name brand stuff,makes my stuff look like chump change! haha


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