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[132] Music to my ears..

I honestly think music runs through my dad was a Dj, my bro makes music and whilst I sing terribly out of tune it is still so much a part of me and my life.


Urbanears is a brand from the very trendy Stockholm that deliver quirky, vibrant headphones but with sound that will quite literally blow you away! I didn't actually realise how poor the sound quality of my iPhone headphones were in comparison until I tried these. The Plattan is your old-school headphone, so retro and I love that. I decided on the 'Tomato' red because lately red is just my thing, it's vibrant yet classic and even matches my lipstick. 


Music has never sounded better and it really feels as if you're having a party for one. I love the clarity of the sound, the bass is perfect and it really drowns out the surrounding sound.I love the fact they can collapse down so they easily can fit in your bag. The design is perfect and the fabric coated wires means there is less chance of the headphone wires getting tangled up and tearing (Something that happens so often with my iPhone ones). The urbanears headphones are compatible with iPhones, Blackberry and HTC. They have the microphone which also acts as a remote. 



Another amazing thing about these headphones is that if I'm listening to my music my friends can connect their headphones to mine and we can listen to the same music! How cool. 


The colour matches my iPad cover perfectly.

Have any of you tried these? You should see the amazing colours Urbanears come in, they also have 3 other styles if the Plattan isn't for you. They are priced at £50 and available to buy HERE


Whilst I have appreciaition for all genres of music, I predominantely enjoy HipHop, R&B and Soul music with the occasional bit of funky house. What are you listening to right now? 


My 10 current most played tracks in no order are.. 
1. The weekend Ft Drake - The Zone
2. Lil Wayne Ft Drake - She will 
3. Tyreese Ft Tyga and R.Kelly - Gotta chick
4. Frank Ocean - Kamikaze
5. Big Sean Ft Dwele - Celebrity
6. Chipmunk Ft Trey Songz - Take off
7. Lil Wayne Ft Bruno Mars - Mirror
8. J. Cole - Like a star
9. Diggy Simmons - Copy and Paste
10. Chris Brown Ft joelle James - Leave the Club

What are your songs of the moment? Whenever Drake plays the picture of me and him comes up haha.. Loves it! 


Lots of Love, Lyrics and Music.. 


*These headphones were sent to me for review purposes, but my review was honest as always. 


  1. Do you know if those are so in the US? They look amazing!

    Btw I love that cute little vest you're wearing!

  2. Loving the red lipstick and red headphones combo! X

  3. These look amazing, I wish I had £50 to splash out on earphones, but living on a student budget means I'm stuck with my iPhone headphones for now. The photo of you with the headphones on really looks like an advert for them! xxx

  4. omgoodness. im in love. they are much cheaper than the beats by dr. dre.. and it comes with such cool features :)

    Haha, we have similar tastes in music. Check out:
    1. Chris Brown - Body on Mine feat. Se7en
    2. Brenton Duvall- Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs (Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Swift)
    3. Lil Wayne- You Da Shit
    and listening to old songs too.
    Remember Me- ft. MaryJBlige

    and if ya like remixes..
    listen to your heart- eminem ft TI

    love your blog!


  5. Love your blog! Where did u get your iPad case?

  6. YO! I KNEW when you finally got to the pick of you iPhone, it was going to be Drake on the screen! LOL You're too cute!


  7. absolute killer headphones! red definitely pops on your hair. & luckily it doesnt look plasticky like the other headphones out there :)

    sweet set :)


  8. i am in love with drake and will be forever jealous that you met him :)
    those headphones suit you so much xx

  9. Wow you met Drake...he's so yummy! I love your choice of earphones - great how they match your lipstick!

  10. OMG! These look amazing! the colors alone are awesome

  11. that colour is to die for and obviously so is drake!

  12. Must.Have.These.Headphones...the red is hot!

    I just found your blog and I must say I am addicted! Your pix are cool and your haircut is fabulous!! Have you ever been told you look like Rachel Roy? Well, you do and she's gorgeous and so are you.

  13. Heard so much about these bad boys! All over the lavender and pool colours Will defiantly be making a purchase next pay day! LOVE your blog..


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