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[131] MFM - NARS and MAC..



Two of my all time favourites.. 

NARS blusher in MADLY


I can hands up say this is my all time favourite blusher, it didn't hit me until it went missing as to how much I actually loved it. I honestly searched everywhere for it, trust me I'm not one to loose make up and even though I have so much of it I know when something's missing. So there I was missing 'Madly' so it had to be done, I bought it again and I have been loving using it. It's like falling in love with a product all over again, the colour is so gorgeous. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will probably already know this already and I have to say it's so nice to have it back in my life. It looks as if it's a subtle pink but it has such a gorgeous coral tone to it, with a soft shimmer throughout. I have some FOTD pictures I will be posting later in the week where you can see it on me but for now here's a swatch (Believe me this doesn't do this blush enough justice!).


MAC lipstick in MODESTY


Another product which I have been loving ever since I got it and I now officially crown it my favourite lipstick. If you have seen the post on my make up collection you will know how much I love my lip products especially lipsticks. I have honestly found my favourite it works so well with me and it is FOREVER in my bag, I don't think I have EVER used a lipstick as much as this one and the funny thing was it was a B2M (Back to MAC). I picked it up just because it was one I didn't have and it has grown to be my favourite and today I was wearing it and thought 'Modesty' you deserve the biggest shoutout and so much love from MouldyFruit so there you have it.


Here's a pic of my lips from my FOTD last week of it.. Such a beaut! 


Hope you all have a great week I have loads of post I need to get up.. so stay tuned! 

Lots of Love 



  1. aaaaaaah modesty looks gorgeous on you!!! it looked really brown and ugly on me :(

  2. gorgeous! i am a huge fan of nars madly! i also JUST got modesty in the mail today and it is so gorgeous! i can definitely see using this one as an everyday lipstick!

  3. Modesty looks amazing! I'm really surprised I haven't heard about that shade until now. It's just gorgeous =)


  4. I got madly the other week and have to agree it really is one of the shades you have to own to understand just how amazing it is :) x

  5. These are both so pretty! I need them both!

  6. love love LOVE the color madly! modesty is on my wishlist of lipsticks... ahh too bad i'm living on a poor college student budget!

  7. Love Modesty! I think I'll check it out too x

  8. how have I never noticed Modesty before? I'm always looking for a good nude lip colour to suit my tanned skin and most of them leave me looking like a corpse - haha

    Sami x

  9. I love Modesty, it's such a beautiful, neutral colour that can work with any look. Glad it's getting some recognition!!



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