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2011 Cosmo Blog Awards



Hello my lovelies.. hope you are all well?! now this post isn't something I'd normally do but I thought why not. Some of you may be aware that the 2011 Cosmopolitan blog awards nominations are underway and I 'd love nothing more than to be considered. I have been writing here on MouldyFruit for almost two years now and it has become such a part of me and with over 2000 followers I'd like to think my little online sanctuary is a part of some of you. I feel that I have had some of the most amazing opportunities through MouldyFruit and met some wonderful people through blogging and consider my followers to be my friends.

I love sharing with you guys and if you enjoy reading my blog then this is where I'd like to ask a little help. All you have to do is give up a few minutes of your time to nominate me.

The details are as follows..

2. Enter my blog URL ' '

3. Select the category ' Established Beauty Blog'

4. Lastly jot down a few reasons why you love my blog!

Thank you all so much for your support over the last couple of years, you guys are amazing! Lots of Love



  1. I v already done it :D.... ME love you and ur bog alot :D.... as soon as I got to know abt it... you were the 1st person to get a vote from me :D

  2. I voted for you! and wrote a very nice heartfelt summary for the "why you love this blog" section =] I truly do believe you deserve this and i will help you get more votes. May i do a post about you on


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