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[124] MFM - Shu Uemura ME Blue 650


Hello beautiful people..It's another late one again this week, but at least I made it on Monday. I am recovering from a great, eventful weekend! It was a random one but they really are the best! I had a great night on Saturday with the GF and co. On sunday I met up for lunch in Brick Lane with my friend Shantell who is down from New York she is such an amazing artist you guys should check out her site HERE


This weeks favourite product is probably been a favourite for a few weeks in a row now thanks to my friend Anushka. We have such similar taste in make up and she always rocks this eyeshadow on her lower lash line and urged me to do so and I haven't been able to stop! The colour is ME Blue 650 - Metallic Denim, you can check it out  HERE.


It is such a gorgeous blue, I love the intesnsity of it and I really have taken a liking to Shu Uemura eyeshadows. They are gorgeous colours with such depth and stay in place all day long. I always used to wear bright colours on my eyes, more so in my teens and I think I've stayed away because it always takes me back to that. However there is something Cleopatra-esque about this blue and with my fringe it's defientley a winner! I also love the contrast between the blue eyeshadow and the black liner. Somehow the blue makes the colour of my eyes stand out more and I really like that. 



What have you been loving this week? How was your weekend? Have any of you tried Shu Uemura eyeshadows? What are your thoughts? 

Have a good week lots of love 



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  2. blue is the opposite of brown on the colour wheel so it always makes our brown eyes pop :) do you have deep truth by mac? i love doing a navy smokey eye with that :)

  3. I do like to do this with green/purple/blue with my brown eyes too! for years now it's nice every now and again. refreshing and not too bright! xxx

  4. That colour looks stunning on your eyes. It's always fun to spice up a look with a coloured liner, I don't do it enough! x

  5. Thanks lovelies..

    @ Parisa it's a MAC paintpot in Indianwood on my lids

    @ Patricia I think I have deep truth by MAC I will have a look! Haha.. I have so many MAC shadows I forget!

  6. Another gorgeous look Zara. I love the contrast between the blue and brown.

  7. Hii :) That color looks really good on you!! I so nominted you for the cosmo blog awards xx

  8. this looks so beautiful on you! xx

  9. THIS IS SO PRETTY!! I love they way you put this together I will be trying this out.

  10. Definitely trying this out today.. The eyeshadow reminds me of MAC's Deep Truth, which I luckily have! :)

  11. this is a stunning colour and it looks fab on you!

    shel xx

  12. I really like that colour but I kinda get annoyed with Shu cause I can only buy it online and I like to be able to see the item in person.

  13. J'adore ! ce bleu est magnifique

  14. Looks gorgeous! I love wearing bright eye liner :D

    Lois xx

  15. oh i love this. the blue is so vibrant! it looks wonderful against your brown eyes.

  16. love this! what did you use to apply it?


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