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[123] M&S Lilac


This is a little bit of a blast from the past, I purchased this a while back from Marks and Spencer's (A store in the UK) and is one of those colours you forget about. I cut my nails really short because I felt like it and I wanted something pretty but something that would last long. I chose this because I hadn't worn it in ages and I think it is such a lovely lilac, it's not too blue and not to purple if you know what I mean, it has more of a white, pastel base to it which I love.


This is such an inexpensive nail polish and I really like the consistency of the Marks and Spencer polsihes. To be honest I always find it a bit blah when clothing stores release make up lines, I never pay attention to them really but my cousin recommended their nail polishes years ago and I have liked them ever since. They also have a great range of colours, you can check them out HERE.



What colour have you been wearing this weekend? Hope you are all well 
Lots of Love



  1. Love it! I'm wearing Mavala's The ELLE Grey and think it's lovely. x

  2. that colour is gorgeous!
    at the moment I am wearing Barry M Peach Melba! mmm loving pastel colours atm!

  3. This nail polish colour is simply lovely. xx

  4. This is a really pretty color.

  5. thats a really pretty colour!
    i havent had any polish on for a month :)

    Breezeybee Blog

  6. I think shorter nails are so much easier to keep! They chip less and I think if my nails are too long they start hurting! Gorgeous colour xxx

  7. That's such a gorgeous colour! I love lilacs :) xx

  8. Bright Pink by Barry M. Very Minaj-esque! Love this colour :)

  9. Gorgeous colour! I've got a few cuts around my nails so I'm avoiding nail varnish atm, don't fancy getting nail varnish remover in my cuts haha :( xx


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