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[121] MFM - Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki Brush



Helloooo My loves.. Sorry this post is coming in a little late today, it's been one of those long weekends that I just haven't snapped out of. I really haven't been up to very much other than spending time with friends and family, eating lots and also going to the gym a lot. I have a long list of posts that I keep meaning to put up, but like most bloggers it's never ending so please do bear with me. I was thinking about what I have most enjoyed using lately and I know it may be boring but after initially posting about this I haven't updated you all on my thoughts and I thought it was about time! I

This is the F84 Angled top kabuki brush by Sigma. To me this brush is amazing! - Out of the high definition collection I have this has become my favourite. There is something about it being angled that works so perfectly when applying foundation. I love being able to just sweep the product around my eyes and nose and it is made effortless with this brush. I love really buffed in foundation that looks almost skin like and having used this brush for a few months now I have to say it is beautiful. I also find since using this brush I apply a lot less foundation and the finish is less streaky and more blended. The bristles are so soft and I honestly enjoy using it so much. 


I am a bit of a geek when it comes to brushes so if you are after specifically after a new foundation brush you must check out the high definition range from Sigma. The whole range of brushes are fabulous you can read more of my brush posts HERE and HERE

This brush is $16 which is amazing value it can be purchased directly from Sigma HERE.

What are your favourite brushes? Hope you all have a great week.. 
Lots of Love



  1. I'm not a huge fan of the Sigmax brushes for applying liquid foundation, but I've never tried the F84. I only tried the F80 and F82.

    I wrote a review here:

    My favorite brush for applying liquid foundation is my Mac 187 brush. It gives me an airbrush finish, easier to wash, faster to dry, and doesn't absorb as much product as the Sigma F80 or F82 brush. =)

  2. Oh, I use it too! For contouring!

  3. I use this for my foundation too and love it. x

  4. I have the F82 brush, love it! So good for applying liquid foundation, I don't find it uses that much product. Did you know you can buy these from too? They were instock yesterday x x

  5. was the sigma brush purchased in the UK? if so, where abouts?

    awesome review zara :) x


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