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[119] Mememe - 'Seventh Heaven' Facebase


About a month ago I attended a MeMeMe press event, it was a lovely evening with cosmetics and cocktails in the garden of a lovely hotel in Bayswater. It was a great chance to have a look at the collection and some of the exciting product launches coming up in the near future. I haven't tried very much from MeMeMe other than their blush blocks you can read my review HERE. Over the last few weeks I have been trying their 'Seventh Heaven' enriched moisturising facebase. Now when I saw this product and had a feel for it I instantly took a liking to it. Having used it for a few weeks now I have to say it really is a gorgeous product. I have quite a dry skin type so I have used this more as a primer. It can be used solely as a moisturiser but I prefer not to be too experimental when it comes to skincare as I can easily break out. It reminds me of a richer version of MAC's strobe cream as it has the luminous finish to it. The texture of it is quite rich and creamy but it glides on to the skin so effortlessly. I find that my foundation goes on so smoothly to this base and it has a really radiant finish, my skin feels like it's glowing! The ingredients are also really great, it is enriched with shea butters and vitamin E which means it also leaves the skin hydrating. 

The MeMeMe facebase is priced £15 and is available at Superdrug or HERE from MeMeMe's online store. 

It's a little pricey but definitely worth a try and works out a little cheaper than MAC's strobe cream which I think this is on par with. 



  1. I love the look of this but not sure if it would be good for oily skin :| :) xx

  2. If one if my friend's buys this then I'll definitely try to borrow it lol but that seems pricey for mememe x


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