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Hey lovelies.. hope everyone is well and that you have all had a great weekend. I had an amazing weekend away visiting a friend in Antwerp, Belgium. It was so much fun and Antwerp is the prettiest little city, I totally fell in love with it and wanted to stay forever! I will be posting some pics over the next few days. I took over 400 pictures and there are so many I want to share so may do it over a couple of posts. Anyways it's that time of the week again.. well the dreaded Monday ugh I already feel like this week is going to be a drag. Obviously being away and in the land of waffles and chocolate WeightWatchers went out the window! Too many yummy indulgences and well life is all about enjoying every minute. So this week I will be back on it and hitting the gym hard and back on the points!

Not only is it a Monday but it's the 1st of August! Thought I'd give a quick mention to some of my favourite products that I have enjoyed using throughout July. 


Rodial Glam Balm 

I have mentioned this product before, think it was in my last holiday favourites post. I have to say it really is my little miracle in a tube product. I use it for everything, this weekend I got so badly bitten everywhere my hands, face, legs, chest it was awful I was and am literally covered in bites. I swell so badly when I'm bitten and so I lathered this all over my bites and I have to say it really helped to calm them. I also love using this on my face over night, especially if I feel a spot coming on it seems to just work for me. I also mentioned in my last post on this that I found a great list of a 100 ways to use glam balm you can read about them HERE. Although this is marketed as a lip and wrinkle plumper I don't use it for either of those purposes instead to me it has to be the most versatile product I own. It's very nourishing and I love the consistency of it. I guess it's sort of similar to the Elizabeth Arden infamous 8 hour cream but to me this is more of a glamorous version! This product has Vitamin C in it so is really great for hydrating and brightening the skin. This is a celebrity favourite and I know people like Kim Kardashian swears by it and says it's a make up bag essential. It is a bit of a pricey one but to me well worth it, a little goes a long way and I use this relgiously and it seems to last forever. You can read more and purchase Glam Balm HERE.

MAC MSF in 'Sunpower'


I purchased this when I was in Miami and was unsure if it would be to orange for me, with a tan it is fabulous but I wondered wether by the time I get back to being a little lighter wether it would be too orange. I have to say I have actually used this product everyday since I've been back, I personally use this as a contouring powder and I love it, it really warms up my complexion. I also love that it has a matte finish, with no shimmer to it which I think for sculpting the face is perfect. I find that you can really control the colour when applying this, despite it looking pretty intense. I would definetley reccomend this product especially to the slightly warmer women of colour check it out HERE.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics

I have been using the Laura Mercier eye basics as my eye primer for the last 3 weeks or so. I was previously using the NARS smudge proof base but haven't had the chance to re purchase it, so I went hunting in the make up collection and thought I would give these a go. I have to say I am really impressed with them, the consistency is very creamy and at first quite fluid like however they dry matte and really work well in pro longing the wear of your eye make up. This product really reminds me of MAC paints yet the eye basics don't feel as heavy on your eye, nor do they feel as if you have another layer on. I know a lot of people find that when applying a primer you are just caking yet another layer on but with the eye basics I find they are really lightweight and you will find they really do stop your eye make up creasing. Laura Mercier describe these as 'Foundation for your eyes'. I know a lot of people who actually wear these alone, just as a blanked out colour on the lid which I guess is another way in which you can use them, to check out the range of colours and purchase click HERE.

ORLY Polished 3-in-1 Topcoat

After the ups and downs with the Seche Vite top coat I was determined to find something else that would work as well and I think I have come pretty close with Orly's Polished. It dries really quick and although its not as glossy as Seche Vite it still looks great and most importantly it actually lasts on my nails. I am really impressed with this top coat as the consistency is also a lot easier to work with a lot of people messaged me asking where to buy Orly in the UK. It can be found at HERE at

Sleek Pout Polish in 'Bonaire' 


I love these lip products and my love for them has been consistent throughout the last month. I find them hydrating and I really like the glossy finish. I also love the hint of colour they leave on your lips, these are perfect when you don't really want to be wearing much. They feel amazing on and they have the added advantage of having a SPF 15. I was wearing the pink one for a while and since I was sent 'Bonaire' from the Caribbean collection I have been wearing it non stop, I find it works well with coral blushed cheeks. These pout pots are so affordable and definetley one for the make up bag. If you haven't tried these already what are you waiting for? They come in over 10 shades and can be bought on the Sleek's website HERE. 

So there you have it a few favourites? What have you loved the last month? How was your weekend? 
Lots of Love



  1. I have been wanting to try the Eye Basics for awhile now but hadn't heard much on whether they work or not....thanks for your thoughts! I might give these a go!

  2. MAC MSF in Sunpower isn't on the Canadian MAC website! Wth? :( lol!

    Anyway, great favourites & post. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I can't wait to see the photos. xx

  3. I really want to try the glam balm..especially if its a better version of elizabeth ardens 8hr cream..i swear by that stuff! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for the upcoming pics.

  5. Eeeks, so glad that you're loving Polishield Zara :) You need their flash dry drops in your life!! xx


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