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[113] Come fly with me..

We all deserve a treat now and then and even though I think I 'treat' myself too often when it comes to jewellery, there really are no boundaries! The other week I was looking around Swarovski and I fell in love with a ring, it was beautiful. Gold, sparkly, mesmerising and intricate - everything I could ask for in a piece of jewellery. I was good and walked away to have a think about it and I genuinely forgot to go back. Yesterday the ring crossed my mind and so I headed over to see if it was still there to my suprise it had been reduced further and was down from £100 to £40 I didn't have to think twice. 


If you know me or have read jewellery posts of mine before you will know I have an obsession with wings. I love them especially when it comes to jewellery I just think they are so pretty. This ring is gorgeous I just want to stare at, I love statement jewellery and this really is a special one. I like that worn on each hand it looks different. 



For those wondering the colour on my nails is 'Poppy' by American Apparel. I have said before how much I love the consistency and the quality of their nail polishes and I think this may be my favourite colour that I have by them. It  is a gorgeous orangey red, so bright and vibrant. I have had this on for a few days and I have also been rocking MAC's Lady Danger lipstick a colour that to me is the exact shade of this nail polish. 





Sorry for the poor quality Photo Booth pics sometimes its easier to just click away! In my hair I am wearing an American Apparel hair tie, I LOVE this so much, It has made me feel less 'Blah' about my hair. It basically a bit of chiffon fabric over a piece of bendable wire which can be tied however. It can be used in the hair, around the neck, on your wrists or wherever else you might want it. I bought this in Miami and altough it took me a while to figure out how to make it work for me, it's now one of my go to accesories. I want to purchase it in more colours now, there are so many and you can check them out HERE. I have been wearing it so much that I've been given the new nick name 'Red Ribbon' haha! This little red combo the nails, lips and hair tie is a look I have been wearing a lot lately. It's very easy to wear, come to think of it now it's a bit Amy Winehouse-esque so I guess I'll dedicate this line to her -  RIP Amy a true talent! 


Another new ring I have is a scrabble letter in 'Z' of course! This was purchased from Sinead's blog HERE and was so cheap at like £2.50. My aunty actually ordered it one for her and one for me.. we are both 'Z's! Love quirky jewellery like this and I had been meaning to buy one for ages. This ring is adjustable which means one size for all - always a good thing! 


The ring on my little finger is actually vintage, it is the tiniest little thing and about the only ring I have ever found that fit my pinky finger! Also check out my friendship bracelet my friend Annalisa gave me this she's an amazing national make up artist for NARS and as soon as I saw it on her I wanted it. It took me back to being a kid when I used to make them.. so lots of love to my BFF Annalisa!

This post turned into a little bit of a ramble but just thought I was in the mood to share. Hope you are all have a great week I'm not sure if I will be posting anything else this week as I'm off to Belgium first thing on Thursday morning to see a friend. No doubt I will be ditching WeightWatchers for the week to indulge in chocolate and waffles! Life's too short and there's always next week. I may be Tweeting so @ me.. If any of you have any suggestions on things to do or see in Brussels/Antwerp then also drop me a line. 

Have a good week my lovelies.. I hope you are well.. 

Lots of Love



  1. The Swarovski ring is gorgeous, I bet it really sparkles when the light catches it. Loving the nail polish too xoxo

  2. Love the lips and nails. That ring is beautiful, I guess if it is was in the sale it was mean to be yours! xXx

  3. I love ur style and the ring. <33

  4. You look gorgeous! love the way you have colour co-ordinated! red definatly suits you xx

  5. Such a gorgeous ring! i need that in my life xx

  6. Absolutely love Swarovski! Perhaps a little too much! Was given a pendant last year for my birthday which I wear every single day! Wow, how awesome that is was even further reduced?! Am sorely tempted to check out my nearest store...! Bye bye moneys! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. nice nails...i really like american apparel colors...applies nicely too :D

  8. absolutely love the Swarovski ring! and the lil scrabble one too! really funky....luvin ur red theme too =)


  9. i gotta say i love ur blog im also a big fan of wings ")..... keep doing ur thing ur def a style icon in my book.

  10. Hi Zara

    Really likin your blog, its so informative.

    Do check out mine, for all things beautiful to me.

  11. ooohhh, loving the full fringe and red lippie on you! xo

  12. you are sooo beautiful.

    please more sexy eye make up tutorials:

    I have no ideas at the moment for "sexy eye make ups" or arabic-inspired make ups / cat eyes... (please not too colorful).


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