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[112] Rococo - 'Peace Out'


I have to say I am really unsure as to how I feel about this colour, at first I was excited to use it, then once it was on my nails I was pretty undecided.. so much so, I changed it not long after taking the pics. To me if there was one word that comes to mind when I look at this colour it would be 'Mouldy!' a mix between mustard and a murky lime green.


To me it's one of those colours that Chanel could release and would be a total sell out but for Rococo I don't know. On a positive note I found the application and the brush of this Rococo polish to be amazing! I haven't used Rococo for a while so I was majorly impressed. This colour isn't for everyone (FAR from it) but I can see it looking the best on darker skin. There is something unusual about the colour, that something must have been what drew me in. Will I be rushing to paint my nails this again? I don't think so.. 


But all I can say is 'PEACE OUT!' 


Rococo is exclusive to Space NK and they have an amazing range of colours to see more click HERE

Lots of Love 



  1. ha this color reminds me of shrek! it looks good on you.

  2. I actually really like this colour, it looks really pretty against your skin :) xx

  3. Well it does look like mouldy fruit but not in a bad way xx

  4. I actually love this colour on you, i think it suits your skintone perfectly. Wish I could pull it off, but being the transparent colour I am it would look a bit silly!

  5. hehe a mouldy colour; that's so fit. It is quite the unique colour, but it's still nice. :)

  6. Unusual as the colour is I'm actually really feeling it, I suppose its because I haven't seen a nail polish colour like it before. It looks very unique, something that would draw the eye xoxo

  7. Ooooh, I love the look of this colour! I'm gonna have to pop into Space NK on the way to work tomorrow and check it out.

    I love the fact it looks like a really wrong shade of green... hahahahaaaaaa


  8. Hmm interesting colour... I'm unsure about it as well. I think it actually looks awesome on your nails so maybe give it another try, take it outside for a "test drive" and see what others think.

  9. Oh wow, that's an intense colour lol. I think I'm a bit of a wallflower to try and rock that shade! I love your ring, it's so cute. X

  10. this colour matches your skin tone sooo nicely! it looks really good on you. I have to agree with your last post aswell. I got the shampoo for christmas and have used it sparingly since then but it leaves my hair in such a nice condition each time! hope you will follow me back?

  11. Amazing shade...but I am so much drooling over your ring!! :D



  12. i absolutely LOVE the blog! you have great taste and style. you are so interesting and inspirational! it would mean so much if you swung by my blog and gave me a couple of opinions on it! i would love to see what you think! :)

    follow me?

  13. That is an odd color, but it totally works with your gorgeous skintone! :)


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