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[109] Ren Morroccan rose otto sugar body polish


I do love a good body scrub and for the last few months you may know from previous posts that I have been using a Nuxe body exfoliator. When most products come to an end I am the kind of girl who is always on the look out for something 'Bigger' and 'Better' so instead of re-purchasing I like to try others. I quite enjoy using Ren products, especially their body ranges I feel as if they suit my skin and I like the fact that they are pretty natural and free from the nasties.


This Moroccan rose body scrub is a relatively new product to me but I am already loving using this. I have always preferred sugar scrubs as I feel the exfoliation is much more effective. This feels great on the skin and as soon as you add water it emulsifies and washes away well it leaves the skin feeling gorgeous and smooth. This body polish also contains almond oil so I think that also helps in keeping the skin silky soft. I know rose is one of those love/hate scents but I have to say although the smell is relatively strong I didn't feel that the fragranced lingered too much on the body. I like to use this with my Bliss fat girl slimultor as it helps keeping my skin smooth and semi cellulite free (haha) if you want to read my review about that you can HERE.

The REN Rose body polish is £32 and available to buy HERE.

What are your favourite scrubs? Lots of Love



  1. Hmm interesting, looks nice. My fave is Soap & Glory's Flake Away. Espa do a nice one ..can't remember the name one (it's in a purple tube.

  2. I love the Sanctuary salt scrub. It's really dry and quite harsh scrub (definatley not for constant use!) and it's only about £1.50 a sachet. It smells amazing and has jojoba oil in which kind of lingers on your skin if that makes sense?! My boyfriend loves using it too! xxx

  3. wow! this looks amazing!


  4. Looks great, but for me not affordable. But I'm happy with The Body Shop body scrub :)

  5. I am obsessed with the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto collection but I haven't tried this yet... xx


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