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[106] Money well spent..


About a month ago I tweeted asking what you guys thought was the best gradual tanning moisturiser. I was attempting to preserve my Miami tan for as long as possible and as summer in London seems to officially be over I needed all the help I could in attempting to keep my 'Summer Glow'. My favourite thing about summer is bronzed makes up, healthy radiant skin and of course that gorgeous glow. The majority tweeted back telling me to try the Dover 'Summer Glow' body lotion and I have to say it was probably the best £3 I have EVER spent! I purchased the one for medium to dark skin and I have to say it works wonders. To be honest although this is meant to be a gradual tan I found within two days I noticed a difference my skin was golden and looking tanned. I love that this body lotion doesn't have that awful fake tan smell and it doesn't feel heavy once applied to the skin. I would say it takes a little while to absorb in to the body but other than that I found it worked very well. The colour was even and to me perfect, I have to say that after a week of using it daily I really didn't feel the need to keep building it up. I am now using it as and when I need a bit more colour, I love nothing more than to be tanned and seeing as I won't be in any sunshine soon this product is my new BFF! 


Excuse the ugly mosquito bitten legs.. I was sitting on a step when I took this pic lol!



Sorry for the poor iPhone pictures, I couldn't be dealing with the hassle of tripod etc. 

I think this product is inexpensive and ideal for any summer skin lovers out there! 

Have any of you tried this? What do you think? What are your other favourite gradual tanning lotions?! Buy the Dove Summer Glow HERE it's currently on offer and I think they have recently changed the packaging. 

Lots of Love



  1. you have the most amazing tan ever! i think im gonna try this product out, looks promising...thanks for the post!

  2. I always thought that these lotion is just a gimmik, but aparently not, and you convinced me to buy one, like immediately! Thank you Zara

  3. thanks for posting this. Im not really a fan of the jergens moisturizer b/c i think the tan is too subtle. I'll have to look into this one :)


  4. I used to use gradual tanners all the time before getting into week long tans such as St Moriz and Xen Tan and this was always my favourite along with the Garnier verison. I still always have a bottle of this though to top up every few days and prolong whatever natutal tan I get in the summer! It is a definite essential product that everyone should try out! xx

  5. Ahh I love dove for body lotions! Their gradual tanner is one of the only ones that doesn't turn you some shade of orange I've found.

    Hey girl at least you got a summer holiday to somewhere hot! Pity the poor people stuck in Britain all summer :P


  6. pretty tan and I love your shoes in the first picture, the brogue kinda ones :)

    shel xx


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