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[101] Milky Nails with Essie 'Fiji'


Hey lovelies it's been a while, I didn't want to do another nail post just yet but thought this colour was to pretty not to be prioritised. I am still so into milky nails and have only just painted my nails with bolder colours over the last few days. This is Essie's Fiji and I have to say it is a real winner. I got this when I was over in the states and used it instantly. It is perfectly opaque and has just the right balance of pink and white for me. 


The thing that is a slight let down to me is the consistency. I have used this twice and already it has become quite thick and gloopy, which is such a shame. Another thing that I dislike is that despite being perfect in colour (after 3 coats) and a top coat it chips like a bitch. You can even see in the pics where it has chipped. Oh well I guess we can't have it all.. What I can say  is that it is gorgeous while it lasts. I have it on my toes and it seems to be doing much better there! 


I have also started using another top coat due to my love/hate relationship with Seche Vite. The one that I am currently using and highly recommend is the Orly 3-in-1 top coat. I found this to be really quick drying which I hadn't expected. It is pretty glossy, although to me it's not as high shine as the Seche Vite it still has a very shiny finish to it but the most important thing is that it doesn't PEEL like the Seche Vite. The Orly topcoat can be purchased HERE.


What do you think of it? What's the colour you try to find your perfect shade of? 

Lots of Love



  1. Eeeek! I love that colour!!
    Quick tip for gloopy polishes: pour a drop of nail polish remover into the bottle, give it a shake and voila your ready to go again :)

    perfect shade of yellow is hard to find for me!!

  2. Ooh! This looks so pretty! That stinks though that it chips so much! I think I may try it anyway. :)

  3. Gorgeous nail polish shade. I'll have to try this top coat. I use the essie base coat and top coat; they're okay. Right now, I'm wearing essie over the top. :D

  4. Shame about the instant chipping but you're right, this colour is absolutely lovely!

  5. Love how its not streaky. I hate when you can see streaks in milky polish bleaugh!!!!!!!!

  6. i want your ring, its AMAZING

  7. Hey hun, you can get ORLY from :)

    LOVE polishield too :) xx


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