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[100] Milky Nails with Orly 'Sweet Blush'


Hey everyone hope you are all having a great weekend, this is my 100th post this year! Another 'Milky' nails post for you all and this one I really enjoyed wearing. It surprised me because this colour is 'Sweet Blush' by ORLY and is part of their manicure collection. With colours used for french manicure I often find the pinks are pretty sheer but this one was different. I did have to apply three coats to get it even but I really loved it. This colour was definitely more white based than pink which I didn't mnd considering in my head I had envisioned the colour I wanted to be more pink. You have to forgive the state of my bottle of nail polish I though I might as well share with you so you can see how clumsy Miss Mouldy really is. One of my nail polishes smashed over about five bottles of my ORLY colours, I tried to remove it as best as I could but hey what can you do!



Ohh How gorgeous is my ring, this is another one I stole (hehe) from my nan, it's gold and and the stone/ball is interchangeable. I haven't been able to stop wearing this for the last few weeks. It feels pretty vintage and I love that about it. My nan has the most amazing jewellery and no visit to hers is without me taking something new. 


What do you guys think of this one? How do you think it compares to the Mavala 'Arosa'? Which do you prefer? Keep an eye out for the next one? 

Lots of Love 



  1. Your nans ring is gorgeous, don't find many pieces like this anymore xx

  2. that polish is such a gorgeous colour! xo

  3. I adore this colour and I love the shape of your nails! xxx

  4. I really like how nude that colour is, i've been on the lookout for a nice nude but never even thought to use something for manicures.
    Thanks for the idea and that ring...gorgeous!!

  5. I love the nail polish & the ring... very pretty!

  6. Yay! Love that color! Going to get it tomorrow <3

  7. loving those nails hun x


  8. HI ZARA! I know you've been saying how you're trying to find a perfect milky pink nail polish...I think you should try Essie's Beach Party. It's a great color and possibly something similar to what you're looking for :)


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