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[099] Mavala Pop lipsticks - Vibrant Fuschia


This Summer Mavala the well established nail polish brand have released a collection of amazing bright lipsticks to match you mini nail polishes. The 'POP Lipsticks' come in an array of fun, bright colours and the texture is beautiful. I love a pink lipstick and 'Vibrant Fuschia' to me is almost the perfect barbie pink. 

(The colour here to me looks similar to MAC's 'Impassioned')

These lipsticks glide on effortlessly leaving the lips look glossy, with high shine but without the stickiness of using a lip gloss. I usually prefer to wear coloured lips matte or with minimal shine but I really like the consistency of these lipsticks. I would definitely recommend checking out the other colours HERE as they are gorgeous especially the 'Euphoric Orange'. I know a lot of people often feel as if they want to wear colour on their lips but can find matte, bold colours to be intimidating. This is a great way of giving your lips a 'POP' of colour without being too much. 


Do you guys like to rock bright lips? What are your current faces?



  1. That is such a gorgeous shade. I normally wear very muted natural colours but in the last few weeks I've really been inspired to get some coral and bright pink in my make up bag. Euphoric orange could be a winner!

  2. I love rocking bright colours espically during the summer. And this colour is amazing - love it! xxx


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