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[098] David Kirsch 48hr Detox


I was in two minds wether to blog about this product and then I thought..ACTUALLY when I was searching for reviews on it I didn't find any that were particularly helpful, so maybe what I have to say may be of help to someone. Well for those of you that don't know David Kirsch is a personal trainer, health and wellness expert. He is well known for being the personal trainer for the Victoria Secret models amongst other celebrities. I mean if that isn't enough motivation for you what will be hey!? 

For months now I have been wondering wether to complete the 48 hour detox and well last week I succumbed and decided to put it to the test. I know a fair few people who have tried this and lost weight and have felt great by it (well so they said). The idea behind the detox is that for two days your replace ALL meals by this lemonade which you dilute in water. Throughout the two days you can drink as much water and herbal/decaffeinated green tea as you wish. To be honest I didn't think it would be THAT much of a challenge. Despite my constant tweets about cake and sweet indulgences I am in fact quite a small/sensible eater. I don't eat too badly, I feel that my diet is pretty balanced with the odd treat here and there. It was last week that I felt as if enough was enough I had put on a little bit of weight from holiday and was just having one of those days where I was determined to do something and wanted to see results QUICK! I am fully aware that this kind of dieting is drastic and can be dangerous but hey it's my body and I wanted to do it. My manager at work was also feeling similar to the way I was so we decided to embark on the detox together. 

The detox retails at £23 which I guess if it's supposed to be your food for two days isn't so bad (although for me it was a total waste of money). This detox is meant to leave you feeling energised, well and essentially not hungry. I have to be honest now and say I have never felt so bad from dieting EVER and I have done some HORRIBLE diets. The detox started off ok, the taste of the lemonade is meant to be like pink lemonade I have to say it was bearable but the aftertaste to me was quite artificial and a bit plastic if that makes sense. The more I drank the more I began to dislike the taste, you are meant to sip is slowly (not that it makes any difference to how you feel!) 

I had my first serving of lemonade in the morning at around 8 am by 12.30 pm I had the drink for the second time. In between I had drunk about 5 glasses of water as I found myself to be really dehydrated. By about lunchtime I had a really bad headache so I continued to keep myself hydrated with water. As it got to the later afternoon I began to feel really fatigued. Once I got home from work at around 5 I had another glass of the lemonade. I felt sick by this time, the taste of the lemonade was not settling with me and I felt exhausted. I decided to have a nap, falling asleep till about 7pm. Once I got up I was meant to have the final detox drink of the day as my evening meal but I couldn't bear to drink it again. So I had a few more glasses of water, I have honestly never felt so drained and I didn't want to do anything but sleep so by 9pm I was in bed and dreading going through this for a second day. 

At about 1 am I woke up and felt physically sick I know detox's aren't meant to be easy and the symptoms I had are those similar to the flu. I know that this is because all the toxins are meant to be flushed from your body (Eventually leaving you feel great?!). But really? was I paying to put myself through this? At this point I decided to have a peppermint decaffeinated tea as I though it may help settle my stomach. I have to say, I had the hardest time sleeping that night as I couldn't shake the feeling of sickness. 

By the morning there was no way I could continue I felt awful, dizzy, sick and was just not ready to do it for another day. I feel as if this detox was so not for me and well I shouldn't have been in such a rush and instead gone about losing weight the healthy and sensible way. That is just what I am going to do, no more silly crash diets that leave you feeling awful for days. 

I must say though I am so glad I tried this detox because I have been debating wether to for ages. This was just so not for me! My manager on the other hand did really well and completed the 48 hour detox loosing 8 llbs and said as a result she felt great. I guess everyones bodies are different and our tolerance levels are also very different. 

In case you want to try the David Kirsch 48 Hour Detox it's available HERE from Space NK. 

Have any of you tried this detox? Or any thing similar? 



  1. Wow, sounds awful but at the same time i really wouldnt mind loosing 8lbs in 2 days hmmmmm

  2. i am very tempted to try this think i will most deff give it a go once im back from my holiday x

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I heard about this but I was skeptical because I wanted to know how this was different than the detox drinks you make at home with lemon and cayenne pepper, etc. I'll pass though because I want to feel better, not sicker!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to do a detox too, but not sure if I could. I dont want to feel sick but I do want to loose weight!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about doing a detox myself but was very scared about the effect that it would have on my body as well as the unenergized feeling that it may give me.


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