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[097] Milky Nails with Mavala '90 Arosa'


No stranger to colour but at times we all want that perfect nude nail polish. For me the first thing that comes to mind is an opaque milky pink colour, now I am sure I have mentioned this on here time and time again and I know I don't stop tweeting about my search for this colour. I have decided to have a milky nail series, so that you can follow me as I attempt to find my perfect colour. I have to say as I look down at my nails when I type this I wonder if this series is necessary because this colour by Mavala nails comes pretty close to what I desire. However I can't pinpoint it but there's something, maybe just a teeny something that doesn't have me 100% convinced. I think 'Arosa' is almost too peach based, I took these pictures in natural sunlight so I'm hoping you can pick up on that. This is the first time I've used Mavala in a really long time, they have been around in the nail business for years it's a brand my mother used to use. I like the small size of the nail polishes but one thing I'm not sure about is the brush I find the bristles a little too spiky, I had to apply three coats because the application looked uneven, I have to say though if it had a better brush two coats would have been sufficient. 


I cut my nails short, they had been long for a while and to be honest I much prefer them short, it is so much easier to and I can actually feel again especially when using my iPhone haha. I also spent about an hour butchering away at my cuticles so excuse the look of my nails. I never do my cuticles and I know I should have left it for a professional but honestly once I started, I couldn't stop! 


Can I also just say I am having the biggest Love/Hate relationship with Seche Vite topcoat to be honest I think it's just a bitch. I love how quickly it dries and and leaves the nails look salon perfect but I HATE how gloopy it is to apply to the nails. I have also had numerous issues with it peeling, I do think it's overrated and the performance of it is highly dependent on what brand nail polish you use. Not cool! 


What do you think of this colour? If there was one perfect shade of nail polish for you, what would it be? Anybody else like milky nails?

You can buy Mavala nail polishes Here at Debenhams and they have some great offers on at the moment, so check them out.. 

Lots of Love 



  1. oo this is a really nice color. perhaps it leans a little too white for your liking and its pink enough? well i cant wait to see you find your perfect match! love your nail shape

  2. Thats a really pretty color. I want the perfect nude color for my chocolate skin tone, it's hard to find in my thoughts. I think this looks great on your though!

  3. love the milky nail trend! I have never found a perfect one but this looks fab, very spohisticated x

  4. This is such a beautiful colour. Have you tried OPI Mod about You? It may be a little too pink though.
    Make-Up for Biochemists

  5. stunning shade and i agree re seche vite i cant be doing with it!
    amina x

  6. pretty colour! xxx

  7. wow that color is beautiful!

  8. I just bought Essie's Marshmallow :) OMG! Its gorgeous. Ive been looking for a milky white nail polish for agessssssssssss :) FInally found it!

  9. I love the color... but like you said doesn't do the 100% milky nails... :D...

  10. lovin the shade.. Very flattering


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