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Hey lovelies.. hope you are all having a great weekend, I thought I would do a post on some new bits of jewellery that I have got over the last month or so. I honestly have so much jewellery and I love buying it, to me accessories is the way forward! 

For as long as I can remember I have had an unhealthy obsession with personalised  jewellery, mainly named or initialed jewellery. I only managed to find some of the jewellery I have but just so you get an idea I honestly have so much of it. Also for those of you who don't believe that Zara is my real name is this enough clarification for y'all? haha. 


I was contacted by to choose a named necklace and design, I was more than ready to go with my standard "Zara" then I decided actually.. I'm not just Zara anymore. Since I started the blog and particularly since meeting more bloggers and attending more press events I actually realised that  to so many people I'm "MouldyFruit" hmm.. weird. Although being referred to as Mouldy for a normal person would be slightly offensive I take it all in my stride because let's face it.. MouldyFruit is me! I now have this new identity and as weird as it is I love it.. MouldyFruit is my creation and to be 100% honest I'm proud of it. I like that it's not your standard make up related name nor all girly-fied, I like that it's a little peculiar because let's face it  if you ever get to know the real me - SO AM I! So after taking five minutes to think about it I knew what I HAD to have and so I present to you my new and ever so cherished name necklace.. 




How cool does it look, I absolutely LOVE it and I will wear it with pride haha. One thing that I like about having MouldyFruit is that the name is long the thing with "Zara" is that it's so short so in named jewellery I always felt it didn't flow as well. This design that I have on is the 18ct Gold plated, sterling silver on an 18 inch chain. I love where it sits on me as I feel I could wear multiple necklaces with it. I also really love the font which is something important when it comes to name necklaces. If you are interested in a "Carrie" or "Mouldy" style named necklace you should definitely check out the great range of necklaces at Here at you can use my 10% discount code which is 'MOULDY'




Now on to the rest I purchased a few bits when I was in Miami, nothing major just sow costume jewellery here and there. I picked out a few bits to share, this necklace is by far my favourite! I love it.. everything about it. I got this from Bebe and the day I went to the store the manager was just putting it out as soon as I tried it on I had to have it. I love how Cleopatra-esque this necklace is and what with my hair and my constant winged liner it was just meant to be. If you have seen some of my Maimi photos you can see what it looks like on check them out . it sits so perfectly and is surprisingly comfortable for a big piece, I had been after a statement necklace for a while and this one was just perfect. 


I picked up this assortment of serrated gold bangles from banana republic, I love how they look on. I have to say Banana Republic has great accessories you can buy these in the UK as well as I saw them in the London store. 


I love anything angel winged now these were so inexpensive from Forever 21 the chances are they will tarnish very quickly but hey they are cute while they last. I love the size and the way in which they sit. 


I picked up this gorgeous birdy from Topshop! I could't believe it because to me it so doesn't look like a Topshop ring. It was half price in the sale and I think it is so cute, I also love the fact that it's turquoise as I have much love for turquoise jewellery. 



No trip to Brick Lane is complete without a jewellery purchase and last week when I was there I picked up this unusual screw and bolt necklace. This piece is vintage and the woman told me she thinks it was from the 60s/70s. I love vintage pieces as it makes them so much more unique and personal. I sort of like the message it send "Screw loose" haha.. 


There you have it my current jingles and jangles. Have you bought any new jewellery lately? 



  1. Hi Zara,
    What"s the lipstick color your are wearing in this post, looks gorgeous on you.

  2. Fab post and some lovely pieces. I've ummed and ahhed forever about buying a name necklace from that site. I really like Banana Republic's jewellery too.

  3. That necklace is fab! I also love a bit of personalised jewellery. Love your blog xxx

  4. love them all, and that lippie!

  5. wow all your peices are gorgeous!
    but the screw and bolt necklace has to be my fave - so unique!

  6. Such a good post to read :) love all the jewellery! All very unique and lovely.

    Fee x

  7. I love your taste in jewellery :)

  8. How cute is that bird ring(awwww!) My fav is your name inside the round disk in Arabic (very creative) and the wings :) great collection

  9. Love the lipstick, and the nails complement it really well :)

  10. Ineedthatbirdyinmylife!!
    Fab post,

    CherrySue x

  11. fabulous post, i love your taste :)

  12. i always love jewellery posts!

  13. hey zara, u lipstick looks amazing.. what colour is it?

  14. You're amazing! I love that you choose to use your blog name for the necklace. It's quite fierce! The picture with your lips and the necklace on the right of your blog sidebar is my favourite. My blog name has nothing to do with makeup and I always left some way about it, but now I don't care thanks to you. lol! You have great taste in jewelery as well. xx

  15. Love your blog! I really like the bird ring from topshop =) I have a bird ring from Bebe that I got recently & blogged about =)

  16. Aww i really love the necklace its beautiful xx

  17. This is awesome!

  18. I like that you got mouldyfruit on your necklace and not your name. I have a real gold name necklace I bought waaay back in my 'Ghetto days' lol and I seem to have misplaced it but i'm feeling the look again.

  19. Want that lippy! Do tell!

  20. The sapphire earring caught my eyes. It looks very beautiful even though I'm not a big fan of huge earrings.


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