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[095] Masks of the Moment..


I love a good a mask and I love finding new ones. Over the last few weeks I have been using the Malin and Goetz 'Detox Face Mask' and the Aveda 'After Sun Hair Masque' and think that both these masks deserve a mention. 


The Malin and Goetz detox face mask is just gorgeous, at first the simplicity of the brand's philosophy and the packaging didn't have me excited but as soon as I used this product I was wow'd by it. Winner of the 2008 Allure editors choice awards the detox face masks leave your skin feeling amazingly clean and noticeably brighter. This is such a quick 5 minute mask but highly effective as it really does a deep cleanse. The easiness of this mask means it can be done in the evenings or the mornings, at least 1-2 times a week. 


The mask is cream based and you need to apply a thick layer all over the face and within a few minutes you will see the mask begin to oxygenate and foam up. I love this as I really feel as if all the bad is being lifted from my skin (Silly but true!). 


This detox mask deep cleanses the pores, drawing away impurities leaving the skin hydrated and so much brighter. This product contains Soy Protein which is fantastic for firming the skin, I think what I like the most about this detox mask is that it is suitable for all skin types. Malin and Goetz products are so universal that most of their products can be used on all skin types as they balance out the skins PH levels. 

This mask retails at £29 and can be bought HERE from Space NK. 


I was kindly sent this after sun hair mask by Aveda after my holiday and it really came at a great time. I think investing in a good hair mask is essential for anyone going on holiday or anyone who has a lot of exposure to the sun/heat. This citrus scented hair mask helps to restore and repair sun exposed hair. I love that this mask doesn't weight down the hair at all yet you can feel the difference in the condition of your hair once using it. This mask is part of a 3 step hair suncare range but I found using the mask with my current shampoo and conditioner worked perfectly. It has Morikue protein which is a natural anti oxidant used to protect hair from damage and and external factors. The combination of shea butter, coconut and palm oils just help to nourish and reinstall the moisture in to the hair. This mask works well after sun and sea exposure but I will continue to use this as protection when styling my hair with heat. I found the best way to apply this mask was from half way down the hair to the tips, it only needs to be left on the hair for about 2 to 5 minutes and can be kept on whilst in the shower. Once washed out my hair felt super soft, shiny and a lot smoother. A holiday must have!

This hair mask by Aveda retails at £16.50 which I think is great. it can be bought HERE from John Lewis.

What are your masks at the moment? Do you guys have any favourites?

Lots of Love 



  1. where did you get the bracelet? Please let me know ! :)
    Wow thanks for this post I am going to try both things out, they promise great results :)

  2. Thank you lovely, I bought the bracelet in Paris on a random stall! think you might be able to find some online.. search Hamsa bracelet x

  3. love a good mask! these sound pretty good


  4. Great review, you've reminded me about the Malin & Goetz as I had wanted to try this one out.

  5. Great review Zara thanks for sharing.

  6. Also if you are interested in perfumes, do visit my new blog. I will be doing heaps of perfume reviews insh.

  7. Cute bracelet :)

    Beauty and the Scientist

  8. It's really nice. I also like to have one like this.

  9. wow!! its so beautiful.


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