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[093] Essie - Van D'Go


Summer nails at it's finest! I had featured this as part of my rainbow nails post but this colour was so pretty that it deserved a post of it's own. I have a few peach-esque nail polishes but this has a little more pink to it than the others I own. It is just such a gorgeous, pastel shade for the summer. If I was only allowed one colour this summer I think this would definitely be it! I also love how it looks against a tan. The formula of Essie nail polishes is really to my liking, two coats and I was happy! 



What have you been wearing on your nails this week!? I have changed my nails so many times that I have run out of nail polish remover so if any of you remember TWEET me (@Mouldyfruit) and remind me to pick some up in the morning.. HAHA 

Lots of Love..



  1. What a gorgeous color. It looks fantastic on your skintone.

  2. Color makes you so tan! Love it
    xoxo Debby

  3. This color looks so good on you! I bought the exact same shade and it looked terrible against my skin tone. I had blamed it on the polish, but it must just be my skin!

  4. I love Van d'go.. Will be purchasing it today!

    Inglot has some amazing polishes too.. They dry really fast and the shades they have to offer are amazing

  5. absolutely gorgeous colour. really need to get my hands on some essie polishes


  6. hmmm, may get this for my shop... xxx

  7. OOhh, I've had my eye on this color for a while but i thought it would be like every other baby pink i own. this is more salmon it!

  8. That's a very nice colour, goes nicley with your skin complexion

  9. I love Essie polishes..I've been using Essie Chinchilly lately. Its a gorgeous creamy grey shade, you can see pictures of it here that I took



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