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[089] Soap&Glory - The Righteous Body Butter Lotion!


I am slowly becoming a real Soap&Glory fan and I never expected to be. If you have read my previous posts on their products you will know that at first I found them to be more gimmicky than anything else, however my love for the band is now growing. I particularly like their hand and food cream and they have become essentials to my body care. Soap and Glory have just released their 'Righteous Body Butter' in a new jumbo size. The 500ml body butter retails at £10 which I think is amazing value. I  quite like the fact that it comes in a pump as often body butters in a tub can get a bit messy. The consistency of this cream is a lot lighter weight than most body butters I have tried as it's a lotion but you can still feel the benefits as soon as you work it in the skin. Similarly to the hand and foot cream this body butter contains shea butter, almond oil, vitamin e and aloe vera all great for keeping the body hydrated, the formula is also highly anti oxidant. I was sent this product whilst away in Miami and since I've been back my shoulders have started to peel *sighs* so I have decided to put the Kiehls Creme de Corps to the side and I have been using the righteous body butter. I am such a sucker for smells and like most Soap&Glory products this smells amazing. Its fruity and fresh but in a really light weight way. My mum thinks it smells like all things pink!                            

What are your favourites from Soap and Glory? Have any of you tried this product?

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend 

Lots of Love



  1. i always see this brand in target and am curious about it. it does seem very gimmicky but i will admit, their packaging demands your attention.

  2. I love soap and glory products! I love the smell of everything, the righteous body body, clean on me shower gel and the breakfast scrub are three of my favs! x

  3. I love SoAp and Glory products.I love Hand Food and the Breakfast Scrub:):) xxx


  4. OOOH the sizeee of it!
    I always smell this when I'm in Boots and I always get weird looks of course -_-
    I love their Sexy Mother Puckers and unlike most lip volumizers, they actually work for me

  5. I need to try this, but then, I want to try so much from this brand! I love their hand cream, but for me, it's the packaging that's so amazing. Oooh actually, they're SPF 30 face moisturiser. Uh-mah-ziiing!


  6. I absolutely love Soap & Glory! I just finished my tub of Righteous Butter :( didn't realise how amazing it is until I started using a Boots own brand moisturising lotion - I think I'm gonna have to invest in some more!!

    I also love S&G's Breakfast Scrub - delicious!!

    Lois xxx

  7. I love Hand Foot, and The Breakfast Scrub. They both just smell so yummy!


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