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[087] Holiday Essentials


Having just got back from Miami I thought I'd do a post on some of the products I enjoyed using whilst I was away. This isn't going to be a make up post by more just general products that I found useful. I thought this would come at a good time as I know summer holiday season has pretty much started. So if you are off on holiday maybe this will be of some help.

Scholl Crackling Ice Foot spray 
I love products for feet, this is amazing you spray it on to your feet and it fizzes and cools the feet. I think it's ideal when on holiday and feet are often tired and hot this helps to leave feet feeling fresh and it also deodorises them. It's a moose like product that crackles and leaves those tootsies feeling super soft. If you are into pampering those pretty feet then this is one product that is a holiday must have.

Kiehls Creme De Corps 
This is one of my favourite body moisturisers ever! To me it's just so simple, effective and not too heavily scented. I love using this as an after sun it gives the skin a gorgeous glow, keeps the skin highly hydrated and prevents dry/peeling skin. The fact that the Victoria Secret Models use this before hitting the runway is another reason I secretly love this product. If it makes them glow like the angels they are then here's to hoping it does the same for me! Another thing I have to mention is how little of the product you need and it absorbs really well into the skin. 

Travel Size Batiste dry shampoo 
This had to have been the biggest lifesaver when I was away. It just meant I didn't have to worry about the state of my hair on the way to the beach in the mornings when ideally I would have felt the need to wash it. I sprayed it in and it added instant volume and gave my hair that boost. These minatures are great for taking away or popping into your handbag. They retail at around £3 which is great, I think we went through the whole of this mini last week. Batiste have them in lots of different scents this one is 'Blush' and is quite sweet and feminine. I also have to say that even though the finish to dry shampoos is a little powdery it's all about technique. My hair is jet black and with the right amount and spraying from the right distance it didn't leave my hair looking powdery at all. 

NARS Eye Makeup Remover
I got this minature NARS eye make u remover as part of the Make up your mind express yourself eyes collection. I thought this would be the ideal size to take away with me and give a go. I have to say I think it's fantastic it is an oil based eye make up remover so you have to make sure you shake well as the fluids separate. When I say this removed EVERYTHING effortlessly I mean it. I am no stranger to heavy eye make up and being on holiday, partying coming back in the early hours of the morning made my make up removal that little bit easier. 

NUXE Shimmer Oil 
Another product that is no stranger to this blog, I use this all the time on holiday as it works so well with a tan. It gives the body such a sexy shimmer and because of the Vitamin E in the oil it's very moisturising. I have said this before but the spray on this oil makes it really easy to apply in a minimal mess kind of way. 

Rodial Glam Balm 
This really has become my little miracle  product and a lot of people think this is a product that is solely for plumping lips and wrinkles as it states on the packaging. However this is a product of many wonders in actual fact I found an article on 100 uses for it! One of the uses is that this product can be used as an inflight mask. That's exactly what I did on the way to Miami and the way back and it worked a treat, keeping my skin hydrated. The consistency is pretty thick almost like an 8 hour cream but it doesn't have the weird smell I actually really like the smell it's almost quite citrus based. This product is rich in Vitamin E and calendula again great ingredients for enriching and hydrating the skin. Rodial Glam balm is pretty pricey but I do love it! 

Sleek Pout Pot
I was given this product when I attended the Sleek event a few months ago. It's part of the new Mediterranean collection which was just launched last week. This was probably my favourite lip product while away. It smells divine, has a gorgeous pink glossy tint to it and the best thing is that it has an SPF 15 in it. I would just put this on with minimal makeup when heading to breakfast or to the beach. This is such an inexpensive product and one that is so worth having. 

What are your holiday essentials? Where are you guys off to this summer? 



  1. I love dry shampoos, but I have yet to find one that I like AND can stand the smell of! I will have to try out the different scents that Batiste has!

  2. I want to give Kiehls Creme de Corps another never stood out to me before - but I want VS angel-like skin LOL! A couple of years ago, VS models used to use the Body Shop Mango Body Butter (it used to have a more vaseline-like formula than it does now...and was super-shiny!)

    I also want to try the Nuxe oil, but never seem to see it being sold anywhere I shop.

  3. Is the Nuxe oil greasy? Is the shimmer quite subtle and does it add any color?

  4. I think you're spot on with your holiday nust haves - dry shampoo in particular is a MUST! Personally I'm not too keen on the Sleek Pout Polishes - I prefer carmex ! xx

  5. cherry carmex is my number one product to take away with me. Im going portugal with my girls soon so i love your posts recently :)

  6. i want to try the nuxe shimmer oil when i go on holiday it sounds a great item to take x

  7. I still have that Nuxe oil on my wishlist since 1st seeing it here on your blog sweety! Lol! Looks like a gorguz product, it WILL be in my possession soon!! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. Thanks for the comments lovelies

    @ PinkSparkle 84 I don't find it greasy it absorbs really well into the skin! it has Vitamin E in it so I find it's more moisturising than anything. I don't like it when oils leave the skin too slippery.



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