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[085] My encounter with Kim..


Hey lovelies for those of you who haven't seen my exclusive guestpost for Vexinthecity here it is.. 

A couple of weeks ago Yinka hit me up asking me if I wanted to attend a press event on her behalf and do a guest post about it. At the time I knew I'd be in Miami and would be returning on the day of the event so I was a little unsure,  but when she told me it was for Kim Kardashian's perfume press launch there was no way I could miss it! I HAD to be there!

Kim Kardashian has always been such a style and beauty inspiration to me, everything about her just screams girly glamour! I was so excited to finally get to see the lady who is all over our TV screens and magazines and to smell her debut fragrance. So, there I was on Wednesday morning quite literally 'DASH-ing' home from Miami to London and then straight back out to the Dorchester on Park Lane. 



A champagne reception was held in the hotel, in a small, intimate room upstairs. We browsed and soon came across the fragrance and homed in to have a sniff. I have to say being a huge Kim fan, it left me feeling a little disappointed. It's not what I had expected from her. I had almost envisioned the perfume to smell of an infusion of something sweet like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb combined with something super-sexy like Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Instead to me it smelt a little bit too floral and slightly dated, I don't see this fragrance being one I would wear simply because it's just not me. The fragrance notes include Orange Blouson, Pink Jasmine, Tuberose, Musk and Sandalwood. To me it smells very similar to a discontinued Space NK fragrance, which was either 'Tuberoli' or ''Champaca' ( I can't actually remember). In my opinion there was just nothing unique about the fragrance and I felt it didn't reflect Kim K in a way I had expected it to. 



After smelling the fragrance we waited eagerly for the lady herself to grace us with her presence. She took to the stage and looked as amazingly beautiful as you'd expect her to. Totally picture perfect, her hair was amazing, make up was immaculate, nails were nicely manicured and she looked impeccable  - Not a single flaw, almost like a Barbie doll. She wore a fitted pencil skirt, a black and white striped top, synched in at the waist by a black geisha style belt and she wore Christian Loubotuin 'Daffodil's' in lime green suede. It felt a little surreal as I was literally standing in front of her but she didn't even seem like she was real, I don't know if it was because of my lack of sleep or the jetlag, but I don't know her personality didn't shine as much as I'd hoped it to. She spoke for about one minute and that was it she was then escorted away. Check out my video below.





She later came back and stayed for approximately 10-15 minutes taking photographs. It was over crowded and she just stood there striking the same pose over and over again, not saying anything. By this point I felt totally deflated - had I really rushed all the way from the airport to see this beautiful woman who I adore, just standing there barely saying a word. In all fairness I can imagine how intimidating it must be as the room was literally hounding her, but you'd expect her to be a little more accustomed to it by now. As I stepped up to take a picture with her I actually felt quite sad and so wanted to make conversation to try and catch a glimpse of that Kim we see on TV with that personality that we all love. So there I was trying to make conversation "Hi Kim it's so nice to meet you, I just flew in from Miami to be here today" ..and she pretty much ignored me and just smiled..UHMM!?! OK THEN! 

As I then walked away she gave me the generic "Nice to meet you". Yeah was just great meeting you too.



(Press reports later that day stated that Kim is facing accusations of cheating on her new fiance, basketball player Kris Humphries - it may explain the vacant, zombie like persona. Or maybe not.)

It all felt a bit rushed and I couldn't help but leave feeling a little let down. The fragrance was nothing I had expected and that was the first disappointment and then the way Kim came across was another disappointment. I am a big Kimmy fan but maybe it's right what they say about you shouldn't meet your idols. I think she has become too much of a celebrity now and has definitely adopted that persona. I got the impression that people were too scared to get close to her when taking photos and acted hesitantly around her. At the end of the day she is just famous for being famous and her beauty has a huge role to play in that. I'm a little bit over it to be honest, will I continue to follow her blog for make up and style inspiration? - Probably! Will I look at her in the same way? - Probably not! 



If you want to have a smell of Kim Kardashian's perfume to see if it's for you, it's available at Debenhams and priced between £23-£40. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on the fragrance. Also what do you think about meeting your idols? 



  1. It's such a shame she was like that, I love her so would have been really disappointed too. Good manners never hurt no one. I haven't tried the fragrance but it doesn't sound like my kind of thing unfortunately x

  2. You are so similar. I'm happy for you meeting her. xx

  3. Wow, You and Kim K have Very similar Eyes ya know!! lol x

  4. About meeting your idols, is the experience You'll never forget. Maybe she had not that good day or something or maybe she just not really very nice person. Who knows? Anyways, you're are adorable.
    Sorry for the second message. xx

  5. I can definitely see how she was just a zombie. Kim seems the LESS personable out of all the sisters and quite snobbish. As much as i love to watch the Kardashians on TV (and i have since season one) I can literally SEE the transformation of Kim over the years and how the fame wen straight to her head. Her face as changed and her natural Armenian beauty became more plastic. She was here (in Philadelphia, Pa US ) at a mall King of Prussia a few month back and when i saw her strolling around with a whole heap of bodyguards I was able to get a look at her and she was very plastic looking and didnt seem personable at all which was sad to some fans who wanted to talk to her. So, all in all, dont feel too bad Zara, i would be disappointed as well. But what is sad for her is that she will not always remain on top and her being conceited will definitely change. I'm glad you met her, but now you know exactly how DULL she is as a person.

    Love your blog BTW!


  6. Aw, I'm sorry it was disappointing for you, I felt let down just reading about it!

  7. Remember we're all humans at the end of the day, Im in no way defending her but Im a little shy and people seem to take it as snobbish or dull :P

    Im glad you met her! You both looked gorgeous and you do look like her! Like a cousin' of hers :)

  8. Im glad to know that kim is a stuck up bytch. That is famous for spreading her legs and her plastic body. BTW I love your blog and your personality!

  9. UR hair is wayyyyyyyyyyy better ,shinier and lustre than hers!I stopped following her blog a couple months after finding she's being like a fake doll-like appearance in her NYC reality show..Plus I used to buy everything that she used to metnion from hair to makeup, and the last was her Michael Kors perfume which I got from Selfridge London I guess,too bad there were no tester as I was crazily over getting her fav perfume without sniffing it, just ended up getting a tuberose jasmine smell, which i usually HATE..too late..its now collecting dust on my shelves..I agree wt you abt the persona thingy

    Both of u do look like sisters!

  10. Omg,my friend met her earlier this yr and said the same thing,she basically ignored my friend,then when more people were around and was taking pics more then she said okay,bye. I'm like serious? My friend was a huge Kim K. Fan too,not so much anymore. Xoxo

  11. Oh I'm sad she wasn't more friendly, but maybe she was tired? I don't know, I get the impression she just takes on too many of these signings, etc, judging from watching KOWTK! But you could definitely be another Kardashian, gorgeous!


  12. Omg how exciting! Too bad the entire situation was kind of a letdown for you, sorry. That always sucks. Also, you totally look like a celebrity too LOL!

  13. Wow - that's a shame that she's letting her celebrity go to her head...loved reading your description of the event - it's refreshingly honest :-)

    Did she look a little plasticky in person? She started out so pretty, but she looks like she's had cheek implants or something - which is a shame, as she didn't need to mess with her face.

  14. This is exactly what happens when people let fame get to their head and it is especially more annoying when it's coming from someone who is famous for absolutely nothing.

    I like Kim's style and all but I will never go out of my way to go meet her and I live in LA

    I applaud you for being honest on your encounter with her than the usual...Aww she was such a doll, bla bla, We know that already! How was she to you??

    If we all had a 24 stand-by makeup artist & stylist, majority of us would look like dolls too!

    ....But then again in her defense, she may have been having a bad day or as someone said she may really just be shy but hey! it's your job to pretend that all is rosy in la la land!
    That's what you are getting paid to do so suck it up.

  15. And p.s- EVEN on tv, she looks lifeless. She tries so hard to paint this perfect picture of herself and I find that quite sad bcos we are all humans at the end of the day
    You wanna see how much Kim has changed? look back at past episodes of their show. The very first seasons. She seemed much more real.
    Her sisters personalities have remained relatively the same but hers.

    However one thing is for sure in hollywood, fame does not always last especially in the event you are famous for being famous.

  16. Ohhh that's such a shame! I have heard she is really shy, but think she'd be used to it by now!

  17. wow what a disappointment! you look great btw. I love her too and I would be just as upset

  18. Wow, that's really interesting that she was such a bore! I really thought she would be bubbly and what not. I still haven't smelt her perfume and it doesn't seem like I'm missing out on anything.

  19. Haha I seriously thought your were in a pic w/ her madame tussauds wax statue. Why does she look like she just had a labotomy? You look gorgeous and!

  20. I am a huge Kim Kardashian fan too! It's really sad that she acted that way. I'm so shocked. I can imagine that maybe since the accusations she could feel awful but still. This is her job. We are technically paying her salary buying talking about her and even buying her products that she promotes. I hope she isn't like this to other people! I don't know, I'm making assumptions. I just hope she truly is a lovely person.
    xoox Debby

  21. That's really too bad. To me, however, it doesn't seem surprising. She's always seemed totally fake, from her looks to her personality. It seems like she's just void and ungrateful. On another note, you look pretty!

  22. I can't believe you expected this idiotic nobody to treat you like a normal human being.

  23. Aww that sucks! I don't get why she couldn't have just listened to what you's one thing if you had just blabbed on and on, but a simple, 'Wow, thanks so much, it's so nice to meet a loyal fan!' Wouldn't have killed her... But to be honest a lot of these people are famous for being airheads anyway..and on the note of her perfume WAY too strong for me and it smells too much like gardenia.

  24. i'm sorry she wasn't what you expected, i would be happy to meet someone like you :)

  25. Hi Zara! I recently found your blog after Google-ing "so chaud" and being a makeup and fashion fanatic, I read your blog from the beginning. I must say that I love your style and will definitely be reading your blog regularly :). I'm sorry to hear your meeting Kim K was a disappointment. Being a fan myself, I was hopeful that she'd be bubbly and responsive to fans in person, but I'm not entirely surprised that she wasn't. I think she has the least personality of her siblings and is quite boring with the exception of her style and (altered) flawless appearance. Anyway, you are absolutely beautiful and thank you for your wonderful and informative blog!

    xoxo, Jennifer

  26. It is very disappointing to read that your meeting with kim was so bad. In fact i knew it would be some kind like this. Because she is so beautyful and famous, she probaly doesn't care about other people!

    My ♥ Passion

  27. It's a shame how people can let fame and celeb status consume them. *shaking my head* I will no longer look at her the same after ready this post.

  28. Hmm I have always loved her hair and make up.
    But never was impressed by her personality, the video really shows how ... meh... she is. I saw a picture of her and I thouhgt it was a fake madame tussauds doll or something. I seriously had to click an other picture to see if it was real or not! hahaha
    I think it is very rude to be so uninteressed in your fans! Like seriously, because of US she is famous, not because of herself. But she wont last! Btw, I believe that any guy would prefer you over her. Your are real and gorgeous!! My brother was like woooow that girl is sure pretty ;)

  29. BTW, nobody really knows her here in Paris :)

  30. That totally sucks.. I follow your blog and know how much you looked to her.
    A way from that I think you look gorgeous as usual!

  31. Don't feel bad. I always thought Kim was the prettiest out of the Kardashian sisters (after all the plastic surgery she's done), but her ditzy persona always annoyed me. I've heard a lot that she's not really personable or as friendly in RL, so don't feel bad that she wasn't friendly or talkative with you. With these PR events, it's always about $, and not about her fans. My friend went to a PR event once (she was promoting Sketchers w/ Kris), and she didn't even talk to anyone there. Just snapped a bunch of promo pics w/ the shoes, and left super early.

    My favorite Kardashian was always Khloe, and I know that the public attack her a lot due to her weight, but I love that she isn't self-conscious about it. She's so down to earth and seems the least fake out of the 3 sisters.

  32. Love your refreshingly honest post. I love the kardashians and I do like kims style but my favorite kardashian sister is Khole all the way...........but back to Kim you would of thought she would make an effort to reach out to the fans that buy her products and make her who she is! Disappointing....


  33. You guys have to understand that Kim K probably meets thousands of people a day who constantly want a piece of her. We are all only human beings and we can only do so much. After a while you just get tired of having to please every single person and be cautious of your own health and safety at the same time. People are way to hard on celebs when we probably couldn't last a day in their shoes.

  34. @Boradello - My heart bleeds for the girl who became famous for fucking on camera.

  35. Before I even read your post I was just skimming through the pictures and thought "Wow she (Kim K) looks lifeless". But, you know, she kind of always does.


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