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[084] Rainbow Nails


Sometimes you get to that point where you realise you have too much! I was there a long time ago but hey, I carried on. Then this is what happens.. 


Last night I sat there with my shortlist of nail polishes (as you do) and could not come to a decision. I have so many new ones I want to wear them ALL! So that is what I did (No doubt I'll change it by tonight..but it was fun while it lasted!)


They all looked so pretty and I was not in the mood to be making decisions last night! All of these are new colours that I have and you will obviously notice the ones I got whilst away. 

Orly - Frolic 


Essie - Van D'go 


Essie - Mint Candy Apple 


American Apparel - L'Esprit 


American Apparel - Malibu Green 


Although I do feel like a teenage girl with these multi coloured nails I can't help but secretly like the candy coloured, rainbow nails. They instantly reminded me of this necklace so it had to be included in the pics! I don't know if any of you watch Dexter? (Not the cartoon! But the serial killer) Who remembers in Season 1 when the ice truck killer cut off the hand with multi coloured nails.. Haha.. Loves it! 


Anyways do you guys ever find it hard to decide what colour to paint your nails? What are your thoughts on rainbow nails? I know I probably wouldn't leave the house like this (Well I am now as I head to the gym.. but you know what I mean) 

Leave your comments below… lots of love.. 



  1. how come ALL NAIL COLOURS look amazing on you??? x

  2. Love it! Going to do that right now. xx

  3. Ooo I love the essie van d'go colour! Love your blog xxx

  4. Hi!
    I'd totally walk around with rainbow nails! If I use more than 1 colour, I usually do an alternate mani (2 contrasting colours alternating like red and blue) or a variety manicure (3 complementary shades like 3 different shades of teals or say a mix of purples pinks greys, etc) :)

  5. Aw love this it looks great for a night out or summer festivals :) x

  6. i love the lilac american apparel one, love how it's got blue tones. such a pretty colour! xx

  7. I LOVE rainbow nails. I've been doing it for a while now as I've found I've got FAR too many nail polishes and can't quite decide what to wear anymore! So I pick my fave 5 shades and paint them on. You should totally leave the house with it on!

    On another note, Essie's Mint Candy Apple looks gorgeous! Need this in my life!


  8. Girl, you make me want to go buy all those fab colors!!!

  9. I am currently wearing a rainbow on my fingers and I couldn't care less about the stares and laughs I get from people :) I think it looks gorgeous and soooo summery! I painted my nails like this: bright coral (OPI my chihuahua bites) - pale coral (some Inglot) - orange (anny miami something) - yellow (chanel mimosa) - bright coral (same OPI).

  10. New follower here! I love all of these colors I need to have them NOW.. :)

  11. Omg I just read your post on Kim K on Vex's blog....I'm shocked! I think your post made me think otherwise of her as well :(

  12. All those colours look fab on you. I often sit there staring at all my nail polishes, not knowing which one to pick. I may have to try out rainbow nails. x

  13. LOVE them all especially the purple on you!

  14. all pretty colors!

  15. all the colors look amazing with your skin tone


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