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[083] Using the new bits..

Yesterday when I posted my holiday haul, I said that I would try and take some pictures of some of the products on me. So VOILA here they are. By the way please excuse the state of my fringe.. For some reason it grows at an unbelievably ridiculous rate and well whilst on holiday finding scissors in Miami was a mission! I ended up using huge scissors in the restrooms (Like my little bit of Americana there) of Walgreens! I cut it so dodgy but I don't really care.. lol..I literally couldn't see a thing. Believe me its not as BAD/crooked as it looks it just doesn't want to be tamed and sit right.. GRRR!  

In the pics below I used three of the products I purchased on holiday, the Sephora Atomic volume mascara, Sephora creamy lip stain in 03 and MAC MSF in 'Sunpower'.

I can't explain how much I love the lipstain think it's my favourite out of all my make up purchases. The colour once on did not budge and the applicator makes for such an easy application. It is so vibrant and I love that about it, so glad I picked this one over the standard red I was thinking about choosing. it's almost a neon raspberry and I love that, I don't think I have anything remotely similar and that's saying something! 


The mascara I really like, I do think that it's one that isn't very build-able because as you can see my lashes are beginning to clump and become a little too spidery in the pics. Don't get me wrong I like the spider lashes at times but not on the daily. I am getting used to the brush/comb it really separates the lashes well. I will maybe try and take some pics without eyeliner so you can get a better idea. 


The last product I used was the 'Sunpower' I mainly used this to contour and I like it. I do think if I wasn't tanned it may look a little orange. This is one that I definitely recommend to women of colour as believe me it looks AMAZING on black skin. 


MAC Studio sculpt NC45
Laura Mercier secret concealer in No.5
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder

MAC MSF in 'Sunpower'

MAC 'Peaches'



Inglot e/s all over the lid (No idea what the colour is called sorry!) 
Inglot gel liner in 77 (Black) 
Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara



Sephora Creamy Lip Stain in 03


WOW I look so tired in these pics.. haha.. It's because I am and this miserable weather isn't helping! Hope you are all well.. Lots of Love



  1. lovely lipstick <3

    kiSses from germay :)

  2. I always love love love your eye looks!!!

  3. Wow - I love how your eyelashes look so good they could be fake! Gorgeous lipstick too x

  4. Love the colour combo - I wish we had a Sephora in the UK!

    Ohhh and really enjoyed you post about Kim K on Vex & The City's blog... refreshingly nice to read such an honest review! xx

  5. the lip stain is absolutely gorgeous, and the mascara looks really nice too. wish we had a sephora here!


  6. The lipstain is a great color on you. Very pretty.

  7. Girl you are stunning!!!!


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