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Hello my beauts.. How is everyone? I have seriously missed you all, I got back from Miami yesterday - it was such a fabulous holiday sun, sea , friends and lots of laughs. I feel really refreshed, energised and motivated (Well at least in regards to blogging!) I have lots to update you on and lots to share and while I'm still off work for the next few days I thought now would be no better time to get started. I wanted to start with my holiday haul, I didn't go crazy and buy lots I was quite sensible this is just the make up/beauty related haul. 

Firstly I'll share the nail polishes.. 

American Apparel 

[L-R Poppy, Malibu Green, L'esprit]

I bought 3 American Apparel nail polishes, I have to say after buying them before I now know how great the quality is. I love how fast drying they are and the colours are so vibrant. I picked up 'Poppy' which is a gorgeous red with an orange tone to it, I currently have this on now but it's pretty chipped. The second is this great teal/green, it is gorgeous my girl Tiya picked this up too and was wearing it and it looked amazing. The last colour from AA was this baby blue, it's an odd colour to describe because it has a hint of lilac to it, I love how opaque it is I am so into the pastel colours at the moment.


[L-R Mint Candy Apple, Van d'go, Fiji]

I then bought three pastel shades from Essie. I have to say I got sooooo confused at Ulta trying to pick Essie colours. I had done a little bit of blog stalking before hand and these are the three I decided on. 

Mint Candy Apple - I was on a search for a pastel green that wasn't too green if you know what I mean, I have lots of greens that I love but thought it would be nice to have one which was slightly paler and more pastel. 

Van d'go - A gorgeous pastel peach, I remember seeing this ages ago on Laura's (Lollipop 26) blog. It's so pretty again a lovely colour for the summer. 

Fiji - Very similar to OPI Mod about you but with less of a lilac tone to it, I instantly painted my nails this colour as soon as I bought it, I love it. Still not the milky pink I am looking for but it for now it will do! 

Seche Vite top coat 


I finally picked up the Seche Vite top coat, it is known for being quick drying and super glossy like that salon finish. I have to say though even though I applied this and it looked amazing on my nails within two days the top coat on one of my nails had crack and peeled off! I had heard about this but wanted to find out for myself and for my first time using it I wasn't impressed. I will however continue to trial it, as it can't be loved by so many for no reason! 

MAC 'Sunpower' MSF


Now this was one of those products you buy and then wonder why? i'll tell you why.. I saw it on one of the girls at MAC and it looked amazing. She had used it as a contour/blush her skin tone was a lot darker than mine but it looked great. I think this could potentially look quite orange if you applied to much, I am going to be using this as a contour as I like that its matte and has no shimmer to it. I am currently using NARS Casino to contour so this will be a nice change especially while I'm slightly tanned. It definitely gives the skin a lot of warmth and that is what I like about it. 

MAC 'Format' blusher 


Format was one of the first blushers I remember owning from MAC until it shattered. It's such a gorgeous,  golden bronze colour with a beautiful shimmer. I think it's amazing for this time of the year, especially when you have that tanned sun kissed skin. I can't wait to start using this as I have been opting for more brown based blushers lately, this is similar to NARS Lovejoy which is another firm favourite. 

Sephora Dual Face brush 


Not quite jumped on the Clarasonic bandwagon yet, although I think this little baby will be my transition towards it haha. I saw this face brush at Sephora and though it would be a great way to take cleansing a little further. It was relatively inexpensive at $18. It's a dual exfoliating face brush the brush side is supposed to help gently exfoliate dead skin cells. 



The other 'Pink' side has a silicone pad with small bristles used to deeply cleanse pores. Apparently this little face brush is going to give me radiant skin haha.. We shall see. I think the fact that it's black and pink also had me attracted. I am a sucker for pink! 


Sephora Creamy Lip stain in 03 


I loved the texture of these lip stains, so creamy as opposed to wet. This colour my girl Tiya helped me chose, its almost a raspberry pink unlike anything I have. They dry pretty matte which is something I really like and are really long lasting. I can't wait to show you what this one looks like one. 

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara


This mascara was a recommendation by someone on Twitter and after trying it in store I decided to just try it and buy it. I have been slightly disappointed by mascaras lately it might be because I grew so fond of the Chantecaille mascara. I have been using Max factor 2000 calories and L'oreal voluminous mascara and both have been a little bit of a let down and hardly worth a blog post. This one however I can already tell is going to be a good one, the brush is a comb/plastic like brush with a slight curve to it. I find it really separates and lengthens the lashes. The one thing I noticed is that is dried quickly and think you can only really apply two coats before it starts to clump and become spidery. I personally find it quite similar to the MUFE Aqua smoky lash. 

Victoria Secret Body Mist 'Ravishing Love'


I bought one of these last year and still use it all the time. Now I could have easily bought the 10 for $40 or 5 fot $30 because they are such good value. BUTTT I was sensible and plus I was getting way too confused and just settled for one body mist. This is a new scent for VS and is called 'Ravishing love' its gorgeous, sweet and just my kinda thing. This mist has pomegranate, blackberry and lilac in it. These are fresh, light mists that I love spritzing on. They are also so affordable, I love Victoria Secrets body range. 

So there you have my latest beauty buys, I will try and get some pics up of me wearing these bit. Possibly later on today if I can be bothered to get changed out of my PJs. I am so glad I am off work until next week have so many posts I want to get out to you all. 

Do you want to see some pics of my make up in miami and product break down? Let me know.. 

Lots of Love.. 



  1. Essie Van d'go and AA Poppy looks HOT! Xx

  2. Ohmygosh, L'esprit is possibly the prettiest nail polish I've ever seen <3 Love everything you got, and I'd love to see a follow up post on that brush from Sephora! :)

  3. ahh seriously cant wait to go to miami now, hurry up august! Is format a mac pro colour? xx

  4. can't wait to see what the lipstain looks like on.. they're normally so liquidy but that looks lovely! i've heard really good things about seche vite top coat too so hope it does live up to it's hype!


  5. Would love to see pics from miami and make-up..glead you had a great time hun..I love going to the USA and stocking up on VS Candy Baby body mist and lotion :)

  6. your haul is great!!! van'd go look like a wearable colour! love it!

  7. loving the nail polish colours! x

  8. Yo! What's Sunpower?? Is it LE?? Why have I never seen/heard of this in my life? Do I need it in my life? Answer my questions immediately.

  9. I didnt even know that American Apparel made nail polishes! I love the colors you got! Format looks very similar to Peachtwist and i love Peachtwist so i'll have to check it out.

    Oh and btw please check out my Buxom giveaway at :)


  10. Oooh, I love the nail polishes, Format (I have and love it too), and the lip stain. Great haul.

  11. ah great post! the nail polishes look amazing, deffo buying some!

  12. looks like a great haul! i'm a tad jealous lol!

  13. Great haul, those Essies look so pretty together!

  14. oh myyy i've been wanting van d'go for ages!! i heard the formula isn't the best, but i don't care the colour looks so gorgeous! & i have american apparel l'esprit on now and it is lovely!

    glad to hear that you had a nice holiday..i'm so jealous!


  15. Great haul! I wish that we had Sephora here....I'd love to try that face brush. Also, the lip stain looks amazing!

  16. I love seche top coat, its the only top coat I use.
    But! I know if I put a base coat on, my nail polish will peel off.. so I dont use a base coat and only that fabulous top coat!


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