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[081] Filthy Gorgeous 'Tu-Tu Much'



I have been absolutely loving red/orange vibrant nails. I took these pics just before I went away and it's another winner for me from Filthy Gorgeous. Tu-Tu Much was one of the colours I received at the press event and I finally got around to wearing it a few weeks ago. It is a colour which is hard to describe almost a raspberry shade of red but has a slight hint of orange to it, it's gorgeous I loved wearing it think I wore it for about 4 days! (Which is long for me lol!)  I wore this ring on the other hand but wanted to show you as it's one of my favourite rings from the high street, can't remember where I bought it but I know so many people have this ring with different coloured stones etc. I absolutely love rings especially ones like this so intricate! 



What colours have you all be wearing can't wait to share my new nail polishes that I bought on holiday! Hope you are all well.. 

Lots of Love 



  1. I love this color..... I always check in ur old posts... since u were missing in action Missed ya

  2. I haven't worn a red nail polish in ages.. I think it's time to change that! ;)


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