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[078] Lux Addiction.. My new bit of BLING!

If you know me or follow my blog regularly you will know that I am really a girly girl. I don't really admit it but it's true. I am also no stranger to a bit of a bling bling I love it, call it tacky but I can't help but be drawn to gems and jewels. I thought I would share with you my latest bit of phone blingage that I was kindly sent to me by the lovely people over at Lux Addiction. I have been a fan of their embellished phone cases forever and was delighted to be sent one. I have to admit I wanted to get my phone/camera 'himed' out when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago but I was too indecisive and ended up not getting it done I really did regret it. So here I am a few years later with the girliest, pinkest, prettiest phone case ever. 



I love the 3d roses, the pearls and the swarovski pink crystals. It is just so ME! My friends and family can't help but laugh as they've whitnessed me pull this baby out of my bag. (I think it's because they are "So Jel" haha) 


The excitement of my phone case arrival saw me paint my nails this gorgeous barbie pink and bring out MAC's Pink Noveau lipstick! Ah I love it.. 


In case you were wondering the nail polish I am wearing is 'Hot Pants' by Rococo, I also wore a baby pink blusher wish is 'Dame' by MAC and over Pink Noveau I wore NARS 'Angelika' lipgloss.


If you are thinking of getting an embellished phone case or just want to have a look at some of their other beautiful cases you should check out Lux Addiction's website HERE
 as they have some of the cases at discounted prices. There are so many gorgeous designs it's super hard to chose one. They cater for most phones and now ipads! I would love to have an embellished ipad would look amazing!

What do you think of phone bling? I love it! 




  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love! That is so so so so so cute!!!!! I want that for my iPhone but I never find anything that cute!

    I know you have so much makeup but check out my giveaway! :)

  2. I absolutely love them. I've been looking for a good one for ages for my Iphone but every one I've had, the sequins have all fallen off on. So annoying! This is beautiful! Well want one. You looks proper reem here too ;) xxx

  3. that is soooo pretty and you look fab as ever in the pics you really suit pink!

  4. That's so cute and bling bling at the same time haha

  5. i love that nail polish! is that a british brand? I've never seen it in the USA.

  6. Everything looks so cute! Hair, nails, makeup, phone. <3 it

  7. I love your eyeliner and your nail polish color doll! I am totally going to check out lux addiction cases. xo

  8. haha love it when you said they must be "so jel" OBVIOUSLY! i want one!! soo gorgeous, really want to bling out my BB!!
    looking gorgeous as usual doll xx

  9. I would secretly love a blinged out phone but I think I'm getting too old for it and I know my bf would cuss me!! x

  10. it's so perfectly girly! love the nail varnish too :) x

  11. I love it, its so cute and the nail varnish!!

  12. I got a great multicoloured one very similar to yours from Mong Kok market two years ago for the equivalent of three pounds. I've seen a similar one sell on ebay for £100!

  13. I thought mine was snazzy, but mine has only crystals that yours is at a whole new level of bling! I love it! Keep us posted as to how it holds up because I had one bling case where only a couple crystals fell of, but the one I have now is crappy and crystals are falling off left and right.

  14. Ahhh it's so cute and utterly girly! I want one too :) xx

  15. that's just the epitome of girlyness! (is that a word?) i love it anyway xxx

  16. I love this! And your makeup looks lovely xx

  17. Zara you look Gorgeous!

    and i love the phone case!

    Danniella xxx

  18. i've wanted one of these since forever! i'd forgotten all about them until i saw this post. trying to justify spending a silly amount of money one one.. would be so worth it though.



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