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[077] Filthy Gorgeous - 'Glee'


The other day I was honestly feeling so blue, the weather was miserable and ugh it was just one of those days. In an attempt to brighten my mood I choose to paint my nails in a ridiculously loud/bright colour. This sunny yellow nail polish is rightfully named 'Glee' and is by Filthy Gorgeous I have to say I am loving their polishes the most at the moment. I have been finding they last really well on my nails and the colours are so unique and require little effort in making them as vibrant as they appear. 


I then got semi adventurous, I say semi because I didn't want to do all of my fingers BUT I did add a little crackle.


I love this effect with my YSL arty ring just thing it works so well, after doing this and seeing that one of my nails was 'Black and Yellow' I literally couldn't stop singing Whiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' even now I am finding it hard to type without singing it in the back of my head. Haha.. I do this this is very New York Taxi-esque! 


Loved it for a bright change but it didn't last long as I changed my nails a day later.. *Sigh*

Lots of lemon love 



  1. lovely colour, yellow nails always make me look jaundiced (haha) but they look gorgeous and very summery x

  2. That is so pretty! I really want to try yellow polish, but I'm a bit afraid of it! I'm going to have to just buckle up and take the plunge :)

  3. It looks so good, doll! x

  4. I absolutely love the colour yellow! Gorgeous nails. :)

  5. Amazing color!!!!

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  6. I just started wearing yellow polish i love it, its so summery!

  7. ohh how'd you get your crackle to apply in that funky pattern? Im kindof annoyed at the results whenever i use shatter nail polish...


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