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[076] NARS Make up your mind 'Express yourself' Eye set!


To celebrate the launch of the new NARS Make up your mind 'Express yourself' book NARS have brought out some beautiful gift sets. They are amazing value and all come with such a fabulous selection of products which definitely require a closer look. From the NARS event I attended a few weeks ago I chose to take home the 'Eyes' kit as I had a lot of the products in the 'Lips' and 'Cheeks' sets. The eye collection is priced at £65 and comes with 4 products an eye shadow palette, a full size mascara, a mini smudge proof eye shadow base and a mini eye make up remover. 



The colours in this palette are so wearable and so gorgeous. I am such a huge NARS eye shadow fan and have a few of the palettes and thought another one wouldn't hurt. I especially love Galapagos and Brumes perfect for a smokey eye. 

(Top L-R Abyssinia, Silk Road (II), Strada)
(Bottom L-R Galapagos, Fuji, Brumes (II)) 

The Larger than life  volumizing mascara is a product I have used this previously and thought it worked really well for me. It has a chunky brush which is something I really like in volumizing mascaras. I will be sure to upload some pictures once I start using this. 


The NARS eye make up remover is oil based so the liquids separate so you have to shake it to activate it. I think this eye make up remover works wonders again this is a product I have used before and take it from someone who wears A LOT of eye make up that this one is a fantastic remover! I also love the size of it, I am going to be travelling soon so this is just perfect to take with me. 

The NARS pro prime smudge proof eye shadow base is by far one of the best eye primers I have used however whenever I have gone to purchase it, it's always out of stock which is frustrating. The consistency is quite creamy and it goes on to the eyes with no colour and it really allows the pigment of the shadows to perform. I really find my  eye shadow is so much more vibrant and lasts the whole day with no creases. In this kit you get a mini one, again great for popping in your make up bag. 

If you are interested in trying NARS products I think these kits are amazing for getting a taste at how great their products are. If you want to check out the lips and the cheek kits you can do so HERE

What do you think of NARS? What are your favourite products? 

Lots of Love 



  1. oh very nice, I can see why you bought the eye shadow palette.
    I think I only have one single Nars product which is the Sheerglow foundation. I like it a lot though

  2. Cute! I've just been getting more and more into Nars. xo

  3. There is something so unique about the NARS palette, how they combined the colours to all go well together. I have NARS pleasures of paris and i can say this is one, if not the one, favourite palette of mine.

  4. That eyeshadow palette is perfect! :D I want it. :)

  5. That palette is gorgeous indeed, fab little addition to any collection I'm sure!


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