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[072] NARS Make Up Your Mind - Express Yourself EVENT

On Tuesday night I was very lucky to be invited down to Harvey Nichols for the NARS blogger event to celebrate the launch of the new NARS book Make up your mind - Express yourself. It was such a fun evening with lots of laughs and familar faces. I have to say I was so happy and suprised to see my friend Annalisa who works for NARS, she's my Italian beauty who always has the most amazing make up on. I also saw the lovely David who is a national make up artist from NARS again. 


Aren't they so gorgeous.. David and Annalisa! 

David talked me through the book and I have to say it's an amazing book, so beautiful. I have the first edition of the book but this second one to me is even more inspiring. I think the reason why is beacause the women featured in this book are all normal women who were chosen off the streets of New York city. I love the realness behind the beauty of these women, I only photographed a few looks which stood out to me. I have to say the make up is FIERCE. The book is split into three sections, young women, middle aged and mature. I really enjoed looking through the mature section as I found it so beautiful that nothing has been airbrushed or retouched. 






The aim of the event was to have a play around with looks and recreate ones from the book. I was already all NARS'd up wearing my sheer matte foundation, casino bronzer, gina blusher and red square velvet matte lip pencil so I just allowed David to do whatever he wished. Over my 'Red Square' he added a touch of pink to the lips using the new pure matte lipstick in Carthage and then continued to add the new bright irange lipgloss in 'Wonder' I loved how the lips turned out. So bright and fun.. if you know me anything goes and I the full on look. 


For the eyes David just added 'Kaliste' eyepencil underneath it's a gorgeous teal green something I probably would never have picked myself. He set this pencil with the e/s duo in 'Misfit' and then added a touch of the e/s in 'Goldfinger' in the inner corners. I really liked this finished look even though the rest of my eye make up was like a day old. 


Here's me with my two favourite NARS's ;) 


Have any of you checked out the new book? Do you have the old one? I think I am going to purchase the new one, I love books on make up and the first 'Make up your mind' was definetley my inspiration to pursuing a career/interest in make up. 

Lots of Love



  1. Love the lip colour - schexy! Thanks for taking pics of more than ONE page in the book too.

  2. Love your eye makeup. So beautiful! That book look's really interesting. Might get it. :)

  3. You look so tanned and gorgeous! The book seems very inspirational. I would love to grab a hold of it. Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. love the eyes -pretty!

  5. I love the eye makeup, so cool and dramatic! Your bangs are fantastic, i wish i could pull them off too.

  6. your eyes are absolutely stunning, your fringe really makes the most of them xx


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