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[070] MAC BAFTA Runway to Red Carpet Event

Today has been one of those long days after one of those amazing weekends! I got back from Paris this morning and head straight to work I am super tired but have so much to post that I will not let it get the best of me! 

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Last Thursday before I went away for the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a MAC master-class with two senior MAC make up artists. It was an intimate affair held in the gorgeous Pelham hotel in South Kensington. The evening was a MAC BAFTA Runway to Red Carpet event, it was great fun as we got to watch Neil Young and Lynsey Alexander work their magic on two beautiful models. MAC is the official beauty partner for the Phillips British Academy Television Awards 2011. On the 22nd of May the celebs will be popping by to the beauty suite at The Pelham Hotel to get glammed up. I have to say it felt very cool being there! 

Final Look 010

Neil went with a statement lip, gorgeous radian skin and lashes. 

Model Two  021

Here's the face chart along with a close up of the products used. The lipstick was MAC's 'Show Orchid' which I've had for ages but never used, I just don't like it on me. It has quite a purple tone to it and I think that's what I'm not sure about. It looked absolutely stunning on the model and really did compliment her eyes. 



Lynsey on the other hand went for a sultry smokey eye, dewy skin and a nude lip. 

Model One 041

Again here is the face chart for this look. Lynsey used Shy Girl lipstick which looked gorgeous with the brown smokey eyes and the peach/golden skin. I love that she chose a nude lipstick with a hint of colour. 



Both of the final looks were beautiful and getting to watch Neil and Lynsey was great. They work so well together and it was a laugh to be around them, it almost felt as if we were learning tips and tricks from friends. 

Final Look 008

At the end of the evening we were sent away with some of the key products, I will most likely be doing reviews as I use them individually there are some products I am so excited to use! 


I can not wait to try the new mascara 'Haute & Naughty lash' , I think it is so cool that it has two wands! I also love MAC's strobe cream but haven't tried the lotion so that will also be good to use. I think the packaging of the lotion is much easier to use than the cream which is in such an awkward tube. 


I have to say the two products I am most looking forward to using are MAC's 'Cherry' lipliner and 'Prolong' lipstick. I don't think anyone will believe me when I tell you this but.. On the Monday prior to the event I was in the Covent Garden MAC store and I had 6 containers that I wanted to B2MAC. I could't find any lipstick I liked (Because I have all the ones I like!!) so I wanted the Pro longwear lipstick in 'Prolong' (becuase red lips are my thing right now)  but apparently they are excluded from B2M. So I settled for something else. I was then about to purchase (NO LIE) 'Cherry' lip liner and then realised I had left my pro card at home. So there you have it.. 'Everything happens for a reason!!!' So now I am super chuffed that I own these two and I will be showing them love very soon, I can't stop wearing red lipstick so this is perfect! 

The above pictures are courtesy of MAC! 

Have so much catching up to do with you dolls, How are you all? How was your weekend? 
Lots of Love



  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures! The red lipistick looks amazing, i cannot wait for a FOTD with it, i may end up getting it! xoxo

  2. ooh fab pictures :) what nail colour are you wearing there, it looks amazing? xx

  3. I am going through a red lips phase too! I love it:) And it looks amazing on you!


  4. Wow, what a great opportunity. :)

  5. aww you lucky thing! yer, everything does happen for a reason....and now u have both :)


  6. I love that pink lips make up, that girl look stunning!!!:)

  7. Aloha! It was lovely to see you last week and revel in all the makeuppyness- mmmmmm *drools*!
    I literally squealed on the train when I saw we had Cherry and Prolong! Wahoo!!

  8. Lucky girl, i would give an arm to go to a MAC press launch! Wow , these looks are gorgeous and so easy to accomplish xx :o)

  9. i've wanted prolong forever! hope to see it on you soon x

  10. ah i wish i got to do stuff like this, hope you enjoyed paris!x


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