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[068] Oui, Je T'aime



My latest obsession is finding that perfect milky pink nail polish. You know that typical Kardashian colour. I have to say this isn't really what I hoped it would be, BUT I really love it. It's a little more understated than colours I usually go for but sometimes it's nice! I thought the name of this colour was particularly well suited to the Royal wedding today, I didn't think I'd be watching it as I wasn't very interested. In the end I caved and went around to my nans and watched with her, my aunt and my mum. It was actually a nice girly day and I can't write this post without mentioning how beautiful Kate looked and how amazing her McQueen dress was. 


I also get lot's of requests to do jewelry posts and I honestly have so much it would be never ending. So I've decided to share some more of my ring collection through my nail of the day posts (As they are pretty frequent). You guys also only usually get to see my engagement ring (As I always photograph my left hand) so I thought I'd share what I wear on my right hand, I try to coordinate/compliment my nail polish with my jewelry etc. This ring is my white gold Dior Oui ring that the boy bought me nearly 4 years ago. It was my holding ring until we got engaged and I got the rock! He is french, from Paris so Oui was definitely well suited. 


Je t'aime is by Orly and this is part of their new mini mani's which are priced £5 and available from Boots online. I quite like how small these are, they are perfect for traveling with. I was kindly sent this nail polish for review purposes. 

How was everyones Royal wedding day? How did you spend the rest of the day? I have done nothing but eat and laze around! 

Lots of Love 



  1. Is that an Arabic ring? I love it so much!!! I love this nail polish color. I want it!! xoxo sana

  2. Love the soft colour and the super glossy finish to it! Xx


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