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[061] INGLOT Goodies..


If you follow me on Twitter you will know that last week I went to Westfield to meet my friend Melissa who was down from Liverpool. She had come down to buy some things from Inglot and she had purchased some amazing palettes. We sat down and over coffee I played around with the colours she had chosen. I was so impressed with the quality of the eye shadows. The colours were smooth, intense and extremely pigmented. I have visited Inglot before but I always end up getting so confused I never know what to pick. 


For those of you that don't know Inglot is a Polish make up brand that have a select number of stores all over the world. The one in Westfield London is the only store in England, they will soon be launching an online store. Lucky for me Westfield isn't too far for me to go down and have a mooch. 


After playing with Melissa's palettes I had to pop in to make a purchase. I was really well behaved as I only purchased a quad but I could have easily had more, the eye shadows are so beautiful and there are so many variations of colours. The great thing about the packaging is you can pretty much chose what style you want, how many you want in a palette and wether you want square or circle products. The lid to the palette is magnetic and you can stack them up which I think is pretty cool and also great for make up artists on the go.


Here are the colours I chose, they are different to any other colours I have. I really can't wait to try out some looks with these. 



I even thought the peach colour would make an amazing blush, look how pigmented they are just with one swipe of colour!


I also picked up Inglot's gel liner in black I'm running out of my Shu Uemura painting liner and so I'm hoping this will be one to impress. When I tried it in store I was surprised how intense the colour was and a great thing is not only is the texture really smooth it's also waterproof! I have the biggest issue of liner fading away from the inner corners of my eyes. I can't wait to use this, I have to admit the blogger in me needed to take pictures before I used the bits! 


I also got two new shades of nail polish from Inglot's latest collection. These are pretty dark for Spring/Summer but you know me, anything goes at any time! The first one I tried was this green, I love it - Almost like a forest green with a hint of teal to it. In one of these pictures it looks navy which is really odd, because it's quite a deep green. I really like the colour, especially now the sun isn't exactly out to play. This is the first time I've tried Inglot's nail polishes I have to say the consistency isn't what I'd have expected as it's pretty sheer and requires two coats. On the flip side I love the brush, it makes painting nails so easy which is definitely a good thing!



I also have a few other bits to try which I will keep you posted on! One is Inglot's eye shadow base and the other is 'Duraline' which basically transforms any loose pigment/glitter into liner. So I'm pretty excited to have a play. I also got myself an Inglot make up artist card. If any of you are make up artists they offer a 20% off and when purchasing palettes you receive an additional 10% off so you end up getting 30% off which I think is AMAZING. I think for a 10 e/s pallete it's around £58 (Without discount) which is FAB!

An old favourite becomes a new love!


After my Inglot experience last Saturday, this week I dug out my Inglot lip paint which I've had for  a little while and previously posted on. It is such a gorgeous pink shade number 66, I have been using it alone and over lipstick. These lip paints have such a creamy, light weight, non sticky finish. They also have amazing colour to them! Don't you love rediscovering old favourites?

Have you tried anything from Inglot? What do you think? Would you wear any of the bright colours above?



  1. such pretty palettes you chose. ideal for summer :D

  2. Wow, your friend's palettes look amazing!
    I'm very intrigued about that gel liner too. I got a purple one from them but it dried and became a bit kind of hard very quickly. It was a total shame as it was my favourite. Let me know what you think please. X

    1. I think Duraline from inglot is supposed to help refresh gel eyeliners, not sure how you use it though (I'm sure google would explain what to do though) it's also supposed to make eyeshadows become more vibrant and last longer. It's definately on my wish list :)

  3. WOW! I need to take a trip Down there! Love the bits you got! Eyeshadow Look is a must! x

  4. These colors are so bright! Your next post should contain pictures of you with the colors on, I'd love to see! :)


  5. I have heard so many good things about Inglot. I really want to try some lipsticks!

  6. Great purchases, Zara! I love everything you got. My INGLOT store is about 3 hours away, so I might just order over the phone instead and have it delivered. :)

  7. Can you please tell the numbers of theese two nail polishes? I see one is 656(but on INGLOT website there isn't that number hum), and the other?
    btw I'm from Serbia, I ADORE YOUR BLOG and you're beautiful!

  8. I NEED to go to Inglot now! :) x

  9. Wow they look so great i've only been on westfield once....the downside of living 4hrs away from london :( lol

  10. I love Inglot! Recently got a palette from them and the pigmentation is really good... a lot of people have told me the lip products are worth trying out too... xx

  11. That 4 colour palette is amazing! x

  12. im gna be popping down tomorrow, doing a bridal trial on monday so wanna pick up some lip colours, they come in the freedom system too right?
    Next time youre down Westfield, come and visit the Urban decay counter!


  13. Everything looks so pigmented and gorgeous! I really want to try some Inglot products!

  14. I'm totally obsessed with Inglot, I know what you mean about getting confused in thier store not knowing what to pick. It's like a kid in a candy store, too many choices!
    The eye colours you've picked are lovely, I'm not adventurous enough to do bright eyes but would love to see how you'd wear it. Do a look please :)

  15. Oh man I love Inglot, great choices you made there! :D

  16. Love the gel liner! i also have their bent brush and its a perfect combo,better than my mac 266 brush. for super winged look.The duraline can be added into the gel liner once it has dried and it can turn the gel liner even more intense and pitch black.I was blown away the black it has created damn!I got mine from Dubai and I was told abt this versatile Duraline:)
    Enjoy ur goodies!

  17. I love the quad you purchased, such different but gorgeous colours!

    :) xo

  18. I'm very late on the bandwagon with Inglot and am still yet to try any of their products.
    Really loved this post (as usual) and am definately even more intrigued- those eyeshadows are amaze!
    I too have the same problem with liner fading in the inside of my eyes so would be interested to find out how you get on with this one :)

    Keri xo


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