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[060] Batiste 'Diva' dry shampoo & Batiste 'Brit' Giveaway!


When I attended the National Beauty blogging event back in February I had the chance to try Batiste dry shampoo. I know for ages now I have heard people rave about this product but I guess it's never appealed to me for a few reasons. I think the primary reason was because my hair is jet black and dry shampoo has a tendency to leave a white powdery finish. I have to say that Batiste have now released a line with a hint of colour to them suitable from blondes to brunettes. 

I have been using the 'Diva' dry shampoo and although this isn't coloured, I've found it works better than I expected in my hair. I tend to use this if my hair begins to look a little limp, greasy and dull in-between washes. I spray this underneath my hair and about 10-12 inches away from the roots. Although it does have a slight powdery finish I massage it in to the roots and as it's underneath it's not really apparent. The 'Diva' edition smells amazing, I haven't tried any of the others but this one's a fresh, sweet scent. 

The main purpose of dry shampoos for those of you who like me, were a little baffled at first is it absorb excessive oils from the hair. This makes your hair appear fresh, volumised and full of texture. The texture and that oomph is something I noticed instantly. 

Have any of you tried the Batiste range? Which ones do you use? 


As part of the Royal Wedding hype that is going on in the UK at the moment Batiste have released a 'Brit' edition and I will be giving one away. All you have to do is comment below stating 'Enter Me' and one of you readers will be in for the chance of winning this dry shampoo. 

Giveaway closes Sunday 17/4/11 at 22:00

Are you interested in the Royal Wedding? Will you be watching? 

Lots of Love 



  1. I love Batiste! Enter me, please :) xx

  2. enter me please :)
    my fave one is the tropical as it smells coconut-y and soooo fresh for summer, previously only tried the original but Diva sounds like it smells fab might try that next :) x

  3. Enter me!

    I have never tried this products, because it´s not available in Germany.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ahh fab post! Enter me, please x

  6. Enter me ! :) Thank you

    Sure I will be watching :) Need to see the dress !

  7. been dying to try this.. ENTER ME pls! :D



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