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[056] NARS Press Event


Hey lovelies.. hope you are all well and enjoying this gorgeous weekend!? I have spent today sitting in the sunshine of my back garden enjoying home made strawberry milkshakes whilst painting my nails and reading a Marie Claire magazine. I have had a busy non stop kind of week and today feels like the first day I've actually just sat at home. Whilst we get ready to BBQ I just thought I'd get this post up now before I get too lazy. 


On Thursday evening I was invited to the NARS press event for the preview of their 2011 collections. I am such a huge NARS fan if you haven't picked that up already and so I was super excited to go. Their are some amazing new products to come from NARS this year a few of which are already on my wish list. 


[In case you didn't realise that's not my hand lol.. thanks YINKA for the swatches, I was the photographer and she was the swatter!]


Above is the Pure Matte lipstick which I am dying to get my hands on, I LOVE it the colour is similar to 'Schiap' but the texture is just a dream - matte yet moisturising. How gorgeous is it? Just my kind of shade! I think it's called 'Carthage' and is part of the Summer 2011 collection. 

What's to be expected from NARS this year is more sparkle, brighter colours and something I'm so excited for.. wait for it.. LAGUNA BODY! This is going to be amazing, a gorgeous all over body glow, for that instant bronzed goddess look. Another beautiful product from the Laguna range is going to be the launch of the 'Laguna Mulitple'. Seriously ladies that is another one that is a MUST! So shimmery, golden and sparkly - I need it!!! 


Speaking of Sparkles.. The blush 'New Order' is going to be another beautiful product. I personally think it's a little to sparkly as a blush but as a highlight, wow it just blew me away. Look how pretty it is in the swatch.


Frederico one of the international make up artist from NARS was swatching most of the collection on my hand. I really have no idea of the names of everything just yet but hopefully I will find them all out for you soon enough. By the way check out the coral lip colour above the fuscia. It's the new shade 'Bolero' in the velvet matte lip pencil, so GORGEOUS and it will be MINE as soon as it hits stores! 

NR4 copy









I absolutely LOVE NARS and this event has got me so excited for 2011. Is there anything you like the look of? What are your favourite NARS products? The images of the women's faces with the before and after pictures are very similar to the way in which NARS does the book 'Make up your mind' if you haven't checked it out.. make sure you do! It's amazing! My favourite make up book, one that is just so beautiful to look at and very inspirational for aspiring make up artists especially. 

I do believe the products from Summer 2011 collections will be available from MAY! Wahey.. I better start saving! 

Lots of Love 



  1. wow impressive the shadow trios looks amazing!

  2. wow, it all looks so great! the one thing that took my eye is the new blusher? so sparkly!!

    Check My Blog? :-)

  3. I can't wait for the collection to be released, everything looks gorgeous. I love NARS!

  4. Wow cannot get over how pigmented those eye shadows are. Truly stunning. So lucky that you go to go xx

  5. The matter lipstick looks amazing! =)

  6. I need to go to an event like this one day. That sparkly blush, caught my eye as well, it's so lovely.

  7. beautiful post!

    I added a link to your blog to a list of my FAVORITE BLOGS on my page. Please follow me:)


  8. Wow that looks so fun, love that pure matte lipstick such a pretty colour and the blusher/highlighter sparkly thing is so gorge!

  9. Such an amazing event!! Some of the new products look gorgeous! I'm excited for the pure matte lippie now! Great great post!

  10. Thanks for the great pictures. SO lucky to have been to a NARS event, it's one of the best brands around.

  11. I see so many pretty things! How exciting! I love NARS products.

  12. the matt lipstick looks amazing!

  13. That blusher is so sparkly but we cant deny how gorgeous it is! Cant wait to check this out

  14. the summer collection is out online now!!! im soo excited! can you pleaseeee do a review and swatches of bolero velvet lip pencil and mayflower lipstick?? theyre absolutely gorgeous

  15. hey, where was the event held? looks like an ace venue.


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