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[054] GOSH - Lavender Love


I haven't bought a new nail polish in what feels like forever. To be honest i've been a bit uninspired and I've been changing my nail polish a lot less frequently. I was in Superdrug the other day picking up a new mascara when I came across this new beaut by GOSH. I haven't bought GOSH nail polishes in ages and this colour is lovely for the summer. It's very similar to the colour Rihanna wears in the what's my name video, my girl Yinka did a post on a similar colour by Filthy Gorgous and because of her every time I look at my nails I break out singing the damn song! 


This colour is called Lavender Lover and it really is that. It looks a lot brighter in these pictures in reality its such a pastel pretty shade with more of a purple tone to it than blue. I believe these are limited edition or 'Special' edition as they say on the bottle. There was also a gorgeous lilac in this line too, but I was good and didn't purchase unnecessarily. 


What do you think of this colour? What have you been wearing lately? Help me get my inspiration back!? 

Lots of Lavender LOVE 



  1. I need this in my life! It really stands out especially for this type of colour, very bright. <3

  2. Ohhh I love that! It looks gorgeous against your skin tone.

  3. Oh wow, stunning colour! It's not blue it's not's a perfect mix of the two.

    ATM I'm wearing Orly LOLA, a super bright coral/red which reminds me a lot of Mac Impassioned lipstick. I think that colour would look great with your tan, so check it out if yo get the chance.


  4. That colour is so lovely! I might get that x

  5. What a pretty colour, i do not own such a baby blue :-( Lately i have been wearing Essie body suit, a nice greyish neutral. I am uninspired as well, waiting to get my Shellac done!

  6. That's such an unusual colour - must check it out

  7. That colour is gorgeous! I've never tried GOSH polishes so i'll have to have a look at them next time i'm in Superdrug :) xx

  8. your nails look SO acrylics! Any tips for keeping them as healthy as that cos mine always chip away :(

    Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!

  9. I don't think I have any other colours similar to this.. Apart from MO Beth's Blue maybe?
    *Writes down on list of things to buy*

  10. Oh wow! That colour is so vibrant, loves it!!

  11. Pretty color, do you know if this is available in the States?

  12. Love Love Love!!

    By the way hun the mini orly's etc have hit Liverpool st boots but they are hidden around by the clarin's counter.

    Amy x

  13. very pretty! i think lavenders tend to be captured this way on film...appearing a bir more blue. i'm wearing blue on my nails--will be coral tomorrow. Sometimes you just need a break before you get your nail groove back :)

  14. Gorgeous color & your nails are amazing :) + I'm in love with your engagement ring <3

  15. Striking colour for summer, gonna add to my shopping list - reminds me of a blue tac type shade I had as a teen working my checkout marched off the till promply and made to take it off - think it was a bit too "out of the box" for some people...oh well rock 'n' roll baby!!


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