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[052] Virgin Value Challenge : Day 2 in Liverpool..

Day two was just as hectic, it felt as if we were walking around forever. It was still loads of fun, we seemed to cram in loads, what I think people would have spent a 3/4 days doing we did over a day and half. Our day started early and we were out, on our feet until we got onto our train at 19:48. 

Bus Travel cards : £6.80 (£3.40PP)

Fish Pedicure : £8 (instead of £20) 
Location : Avante Garde Salon 


Again another great deal I bagged from Groupon, this was one of the first things I had planned in regards to our trip to Liverpool. I had been wanting to try this for a while and when it came up on Groupon, I knew I had to book it. It was a very odd experience and hard to explain the sensation. I have really ticklish feet so was worried as to how I'd react, I was a lot better than I thought. I have to say my feet felt super soft afterwards. I'm not sure it's something I'd do on a regular basis but I'd definitely suggest having a go.

See more below.. 

 Sorry if you have feet phobia look away NOW..! 


Albert Dock : FREE
Location : L1 





After having my fish pedicure we headed down to Albert Dock, the day was a little overcast so we thought we'd get all the walking around over with in case the weather turned. It's just lovely to walk around and take it all in, luckily we managed to stay dry whilst we had a walk around. 

Full Afternoon Tea : £15 (£7.50)
Location : The Maritime Dining rooms in the Maritime museum, Albert Dock



As we had a really early start to the day we ended up skipping breakfast and then having afternoon tea as our brunch. It was perfect, the right amount of lovely little treats. We sat for ages sipping our tea, chatting and looking out at the rain (At this time it started to pour down!) It was really relaxing and we weren't in a rush to move. 




International Slavery Museum : FREE
Location : Top floor of the Maritime museum 


After our afternoon tea we decided to wander through the museum. The top floor was the international slavery museum, not something I thought I'd enjoy but me and Janine sat for ages listening to some amazing soul music. It was a section on how soul music evolved from Africa and the way in which the beats and lyrics relate back to slavery. We found ourselves singing along to a lot of the music, it was fun! 


Tate Liverpool : FREE
Location : Albert Dock 



I honestly had the best time at the Tate, it was so colourful and interactive that we really got in to it. I love the Tate in London but being in Liverpool felt really different. There was one area where we were able to make our own poems with magnetic words, me and Janine picked words that described our two day Liverpool Adventure. 


There was also this Mesmerising mirror box that we honestly couldn't comprehend it was so bizarre, yet so cool, we couldn't stop taking pictures through the holes. 



On one of the floors we were given headphones and you could chose between two channels one was honestly some funeral music and the other channel was some upbeat, funky, soul music - It's a no brainer that I had it on that channel. As we walked into the room there was a huge lit up dance floor, Mirrored walls and disco balls. People were dancing and it was just really fun and carefree me and J had a bit of a boogie too! 



Another reason why the Tate was also SO AMAZING is because it now houses my FAVOURITE EVER piece of art!!!!! This used to belong to the Tate Modern in London and whenever I was visited I would pop by and see this painting, however last time I was there it wasn't in it's usual home. That' s because I now know it's been moved to Liverpool! The painting is Pablo Picasso's 'Weeping Woman' this is honestly my favourite painting I can't express I actually got so excited when I saw it, I'm sure Janine was trying to act like she didn't know me.. AHH! Love it. 



After Albert Dock we spent the afternoon mooching around Liverpool ONE, I didn't really take any photos of the shops/shopping area because it's pretty much the same shops but just lots of them. We also walked around Cavern Walks and popped to the famous Cricket store where all the wags apparently shop. I was actually so suprised how close together everything was. I am so used to jumping on a tube, that it was nice to walk everywhere. The weather had also cleared up by the afternoon, so it was nice to just enjoy strolling around. 

Dinner at Jamie's Italian : £38.70
Location : Liverpool ONE 



To make up for our let down dinner the previous night we thought we would treat ourselves to some yummy food and what better way than with Jamie's italian. Wow the food was amazing, it was just so tasty and so reasonably priced. We had two starters, two small main courses (as we both aren't huge eaters) and a dessert. I would definitely recommend checking out Jamie's Italians as it was pretty impressive. 
Starters : Italian Nachos and Olives


Mains : Janine had the prawn linguine and I had the Pumpkin Panzerotti. We had a side of Posh chips. 


Dessert : Creamy Pannacotta


Taxi back to the station: £3
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to collect our things and decided to get a cab back as we had money left over. 

Magazines for the train ride home: £3.10
As we got to the station we realised we still had around £3.00 left so we decided to buy some magazines for the train home. 

Day 2 TOTAL: £74.60

TWO DAY TOTAL: £250.78

When I did the final calculations I realised I went just slightly over the budge by a teeny tiny 78p. Oh well. It was worth it. All in all it was an amazing two days and I just want to thank Virgin for selecting me to get involved. I had lots of fun finding deals, saving money and most importantly visiting another fab city. I think this whole experience has taught me how affordable traveling within the country is, especially when planning and booking in advance. Also there are so many great deals with exciting things to do in all cities on sites like Groupon and living social. I will definitely be paying more attention to the London deals on there just for fun days out. 

Hope you enjoyed my posts.. 

Lots of Love 



  1. Your pictures are always a delight to watch. xoxo

  2. This is brilliant, definitely opened my eyes to lots of deals and things, can't believe you did so much for that price! Amazing.


  3. this is fab, will definitely be looking into a weekend break away xxx

  4. It looks like you had a great time over the 2 days! I'm from Liverpool so it was funny recognising everywhere, my friends and I always end up going to Jamie's Italian :) x

  5. Looks like u squeezed in a lot of things to do while u were there! But actually look at how many things u did that were for free and it still cost u £250! I would love to visit more places around my own country but its so expensive! U can get cheap holidays abroad now for £250! I can't do so much planning and research so far in advance! Sorry, don't mean to be so negative because u have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this trip but that's the way I see it. Still looks like u had a great time though! X

  6. I absolutely loved your Liverpool posts and the pictures are amazing - beautifully composed. I went to Liverpool for 4 days over a year ago but I swear you covered more ground than I did! It also looks like you researched your trip really well and found some gems and bargains. Well done, you!

  7. Is that a meerkat jelly baby?... CUTE!
    Stunning pictures once again Zara, especially the Tate Liverpool ones! :) Xx


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