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[051] Virgin Value Challenge : DAY 1 in Liverpool..

Hello everyone this is my long awaited post  about my fabulous two days in Liverpool last week. For those that have missed previous posts from myself I was given the chance to take part in Virgin's value challenge. There are a few other bloggers taking part and basically we were all given £250 to spend on a Virgin day out. We had to spend the money in the most cost creative way possible. I decided to bring my good friend Janine along for an overnight stay in Liverpool. She is basically my right hand lady - my MRS and I am glad she came along to share the experience.  We had got ourselves really organised and done lots of research before we arrived in Liverpool. Can I just say we took over 400 photos and narrowing them down has been so difficult this is probably why this post has taken me a week to get up! 

London single Underground tickets to Euston : £10 (£5 pp) 
Virgin Train Tickets : £70 (For 2, £35 pp) 
From : 


We purchased our tickets around 3 weeks before we went and chose to travel at off peak times this was the best thing we could of done as we made a huge saving. The walk up value to buying two tickets to Liverpool would have been over £400. That's crazy, I also didn't realise that the tickets would be as affordable as £35 each. I suppose we are quite lucky as we both have pretty flexible jobs so it didn't matter when we travelled. We left London Euston on Monday at around 12:00 and Arrived in Liverpool at 14:00.



To see more pictures and the rest of Day 1 click below

Taxi to the apartment : £4 

As we had no idea where we were going we jumped in a black cab that took us to our hotel apartment. Which actually wasn't that far from Liverpool Lime street, but hey we needed to get there promptly as our day was pretty busy.

Spectrum Hotel Apartments £45 Per night (Saving 10%)


We had booked our accommodation online at and ended up making a 10% saving - Every little helps! The hotel apartment we stayed at  was comfortable and pretty cosy. There was a separate living room with a full kitchen, i would definitely recommend it for people who are looking to stay a few days in a city but want the cheaper option than booking a hotel. We were also in ideal location, less than a 5 minute walk to Liverpool ONE. (shopping, dining, entertainment)


Champagne Brunch : £19 (For 2, instead of £42)
From :
Location : Garcia's Bar and Brasserie



About a week before we travelled we saw this amazing deal on 'Living Social' for a champagne brunch. It consisted of champagne, as much tea/coffee as you like, orange juice, buttermilk pancakes to share and a choice of a breakfast item from the menu. It was such great value and we both ate so much that we stayed full for the rest of the day. Always look out on places like living social/Groupon as there are some fabulous money saving deals. The location of Garcia's was also perfect as it was situated across the road from the world museum and the Walker art gallery - the next stops on out itinerary. 



World Museum and Aquarium : FREE
Location : William Brown Street, L3 8EN 



Deep down I am a bit of a museum geek and love to just wander around! The best thing about the world museum had to be the the aquarium on the 3rd floor. I found NEMO! Entry to the museum/aquarium was free and a great way to spend the afternoon.




Walker Art Gallery : FREE 
Location : William Brown Street, L3 8EL



Having studied Arts management, I do love to have a look at the art within different cities. We didn't have much time to look around the Walker Gallery as it was about to close, but just enough time to check out the contemporary work. I am definitely more in to Modern art and there was two rooms in the Walker Gallery that I loved. I ended up taking so many photos but have had to cut them all down for the sake of this post. I also saw this amazing painting of Liverpool. 





Liverpool Cathedral : FREE
Location : 20 St James Rd, L1 7BY 



For me I think this was the highlight of the day, the cathedral was just so beautiful, so peaceful and so pretty. We walked around staring at the stained glass windows for ages. Ended up taking lots of very cool photos in there. Liverpool is the only city in Europe that has two cathedrals in it, even though we only checked out the one I recommend you check them both out. If we didn't get rained on, on day two we would have!




Pizza Hut Dinner : £12.38 
Location : Liverpool ONE


To think at 9.45 pm no restaurant would allow us to eat because they were "too quiet", so we ended up at Pizza Hut. We honestly couldn't stop laughing about it, I think the last time we were both in Pizza Hut was when it was actually COOL to eat there. I can't say the food was great but hey we were so hungry at this point it didn't matter and it was the only place open! It was actually scary how quiet the city was at 9.30, I suppose we are so used to being in London where everything open til late that you don't realise. 

Cocktails at Palm Sugar Lounge : £15.80
Location : Liverpool ONE


After a rather disappointing dinner,  we ended up having a lovely cocktail at the Palm Sugar lounge. It was such a swanky bar, with fantastic jazz music. It was the perfect way to end a hectic, busy day. 



By the time we got back to the hotel apartment it was already 12.30 am and we were both exhausted, we ended up going to sleep ready for our adventure to continue the next day

Day 1 TOTAL :  £176.18  

So there you have Day ONE of my Liverpool trip, I will have day two up soon.

Lots of Love 



  1. it looks like you had a wonderful tiem. can't wait for day 2 xxx

  2. Fabulous photographs, thanks for sharing! You look great. I love the one of you sitting in the restaurant, it looks like a photoshoot picture. xo

  3. Great post, looks like you had fun on your first day x

  4. Ahh I loved reading this post.. Glad Virgin picked you as one of the bloggers! Can't wait to read Day 2! Xx

  5. So cool! I can't wait to read day 2. :)

  6. omg looks like u had a wikid time!!

  7. This looks amazing, Zara! x

  8. oooh that cocktail looks so appetising, what is it? xxx

  9. Awww that's my home town! It's lovely to see it from someone else's perspective. Fab post and lovely pictures. Glad you had fun. Looking forward to day two ;o)

  10. Looks like such a great day out! Cannot wait to see what you both got up to on Day 2! xx

  11. I have been looking forward to this post! I love Liverpool and you have given me some ideas for my next visit! It sounds like you had a great day (apart from dinner!) You really are good with a camera too! xx

  12. I would love to visit Liverpool it looks amazing and it sounds like you had a great time! :) x

  13. your in my home town!! Love the Pool!!

    Palm Sugar!! many cocktails have been drunk in there!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! xox

  14. I love Liverpool! Went there last year, your post brought back some happy memories. Looks like you had fun too :)

  15. I love Liverpool! Went there last year, your post brought back some happy memories. Looks like you had fun too :)

  16. WOW! you had such a cool day! x

  17. zara great pictures you look great! where did you get the sunglasses ur wearing in that picture?

  18. what a nice getaway...and i love sites like groupon/livingSocial...the only thing is that i end up purchasing deals and nearly forgetting about them!

  19. You look like you had so much fun! Loved it when I went as well but I was only there for the day *sigh*
    Need to go again :)

    Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!

  20. Omg you look so pretty, where did you get your sunglasses!?

  21. I'm going Liverpool this week and will definitely check out that bar it looks lush.

  22. great post, I enjoyed reading, but just to let you know, Liverpool isn't the only city in Europe to have two cathedrals, Norwich, England has two too!


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