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[050] Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Scribbles..



It's 3 am on Sunday morning and I've just got in from spending the evening out and about with my GF. It was a standard chilled Saturday but I had some time to snap some pics before hand. Can I just say I have had such a hectic, stressful, emotional week this week it's been insane. I haven't had much time to blog or think about blogging because there's been so much going on. 

I was in Liverpool Monday and Tuesday for my Virgin value challenge and it was amazing, had a great couple of days but it really took it all out of me. Since then I have been back at work and then spending time at the gym. On Friday I attended a fabulous press event for Sleek Make-up it was great, such a laugh with some lovely ladies and I will try and post about it tomorrow if I get the chance. 


My skin is absolutely awful at the moment it has just gone crazy on me, must be from the madness of this week. The last few days I have been using Darphin's 'Soothing Cream' which is part of their 'Intral' range. The range is designed for sensitive skin and this cream in particular is meant to calm the skin from irritation, I have been applying night and day for the last 3 days and so far so good it seems to be working. I have to say it smells GORGEOUS so I don't mind plastering it on. I am hoping it will sort it out soon because it really is getting me down. 


Today for the first time in FOREVER I wore silver jewelry. I have been wearing gold so much lately that it was nice to have that change. I recently purchased the turqoise stone ring from Lily's blog she has got some gorgeous pieces on there you should go check them out! The other ring is my Dior white gold 'Oui' ring that my frenchy bought me 3 years ago - I have really been neglecting it due to all the gold I've been rocking.. tut tut Pardon Mon amour! 


I switched concealers again I am now wearing MAC studio fix concealer but think I will do a separate post on it at a later date. I also ran out of mascara.. well I have a few but they are all dried up so I ended up using a mini MAC Zoom mascara that was part of a Xmas box set. I was actually pretty impressed and I usually don't get on with MAC mascaras but I really like the brush on the Zoom mascara. I will have to go and check out some of the mascaras you dolls recommended tomorrow. 

This evening I went for a nude brown, slightly overdrawn glossy lip - I have been wearing colour on my lips quite a lot recently that I haven't worn major eye make up so I opted for a navy smokey eye and I used my MAC tartan tale palette again from Christmas time. 

I seem to be talking to quite a lot it must be my tiredness I have been up since 7.45 to get to the gym for an early morning Zumba class. Anyways enough rambling, here's what I'm wearing.. 

Oh by the way I mixed my NC44 with a little NC45 because I wanted to look more bronze.. NOT ORANGE, but bronze! It's the evening so in my books it's allowed! :) 



MAC Studio sculpt NC44/45
MAC Studio fix conceal NC35 
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder 


NARS 'Madly' (Possibly my favourite blush!)


MAC 'Shimpagne' MSF



MAC Tartan Tale palette (The navy one.. forgot the name sorry!) 
Shu Uemura painting liner in black 
MAC Zoom mascara (Not bad ay?!)



NARS lipliner in 'Morroco'
MAC Pro longwear lipstick 'Til Tomorrow'
NARS lipgloss in 'Belize'

Models Own 'Red Alert'

I have lots of posts to come please bear with me.. I'm super slow right now. Hope you are all well and are having a great weekend. It's beautiful here in London sunshine is slowly creeping out to play. 

Also to all the mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS day.. hope you all get pampered and treated like the wonderful women you are..

Lots of Love 

PS I might delete this post come morning when I realise what gibberish I've been talking and how bad my skin looks in the pics eugh.. 



  1. I like Darphin skincare however it is really rare to find it here:( My derm gave me samples of the makeup remover as well, and it's amazing, smells delicious and non irritating. And what are you talking about, your skin is great, even if without foundation i bet it looks okay :-)

  2. My skin is awful as well! I've been trying to figure out a skincare routine but until my skin calms down it's awful to try to post an fotd. Do you like MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation? Is it matte or dewy? I've been on the lookout for a new foundation.

  3. I hope your skin gets back to normal, but to me it looks gorgeous. lol :) I want what is on your lips... like now - So, I'll have to buy everything you used from this post very soon. I read about the event on meek n mild, so I can't wait to read about it from you. I also want to take Zumba classes, it seems so fun.

    p.s your makeup is lovely, as always!

    Take care. xx

  4. I know the feeling. I'm still up as well, I'm so tired but can't sleep!

    I love the look of Madly & Til Tomorrow - they look like beautiful deeper neutrals. I definitely need to try them out!

  5. You should do a post about your eyebrows!


  6. Love your look :D....I jus love it wen I see u wit dat smoky :D

  7. you really are gorgeous stop being so hard on yourself! :) oh and i'd be interested in seeing a post on your makeup storage! and what kind of vanity mirror you use and if you like it? (i spy it in the background of your photo... i'm looking to buy one..!)

  8. to be honest your lashes are SO amazing any mascara looks great on you hahaha x

  9. Aww your skin doesn't look awful at all hun! Love your hair in this post too :-) P.S I agree with Sana_A - you should do a post on your eyebrows... im in the process of doing one for my own eyebrow regime.. I use the Make Up Forever Eyebrow Corrector Kit and it gives a very similar look to yours.

  10. Your skin doesn't look bad at all!
    You look gorgeous!


  11. If this is your skin on a bad day I am sooo jealous lol !!
    I understand getting caught up with gold, all my silver jewelry has been neglected.


  12. having this new blog where i want to write interviews with some of the bloggers and about promote them even more...i like your i was thinking to get an interview with you...if your for it!...let me know...xoxo

  13. you look so pretty. How do you get your brows so perfect?

  14. That Darphin cream sounds fab. Itll be a nice soothing treat for my skin during the time of the month =)

  15. Ah It was Nice meeting you at the Sleek event!
    You Look So Nice In your Pics!! :) x

  16. love your blog so much :)

  17. You look so great in the shots! Our skin will act up from time to time, it happens and is to be expected. we don't live stress free lives anymore.

    when i find my mascaras are all dried up the one mascara that comes to my rescue is a mini MAC zoom lash mascara, i'm quite happy with it and contemplating purchasing it in a full size when the time comes!

    i too have neglected all my silver jewelry for gold, haha.

    can't wait to see the sleek pics!


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