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[047] MFM Ft Britney Spears 'Fantasy'




This weeks favourite product is a fragrance. I sometimes can't believe how much I love this perfume, it's Britney Spears - Fantasy. I have honestly been wearing this since I was about 16 and it's one that I always repurchase. I can't bear not having it in my collection (as sad as that sounds). It is such a distinctive fragrance, so sweet, so girly and so young! My mum hates it haha..that would never stop me wearing it. I think the smell of it takes me back to my teens and probably more specifically, a holiday to Hong Kong where I spent time there with my best friend then. It was my scent of that summer and now it takes me back to all those wonderful memories. I am wearing it as I'm writing this post and the smell just makes me smile! Gotta love a bit of a's sort of my guilty pleasure. 


Had to have a pic with the contrasting green nails! I can't believe it's Monday already it feels as if it was only yesterday I was writing about Oilatum (Which is still going well).

Hope everyone had a good week and weekend? I feel as if the sunny spells cheered me up for sure. What have you been upto? What have you been loving this week? What fragrances do you like at the moment? What do they remind you of? 

Lots of Love 



  1. Oh I really love this fragrance too, especially in the summertime. I feel that it's a happy sort of a fragrance and whenever I wear everyone asks (then is suprised) at what I'm wearing. Have you tried Midnight Fantasy? it's a bit more grown up version of this one, which is perfect for sultry evenings out.

  2. Sadly this perfume is a disaster on me haha. The smell is like rancind cupcakes...It makes me sick and sad! I think it's one of these fragrances like Marc Jacobs Daisy that everyone adores but that i cant stand:( For sickly sweet fragrances i adore La Prairie silver rain. xoxo

  3. B.Spears perfume "Midnight fantasy" is one my favourite scent! I have been repurchased it so many times!

  4. Who doesn't love a little britney spears?! :) I feel the same nostalgia for her "curious" fragrance. so glad you're back in full swing on your blog- i love reading your posts!

  5. I can't believe I've never tried any Britney perfumes. My favourite is Lancome's Miracle because it reminds me of an amazing summer I had :) xx

  6. Love fantasy like cooked food!! Its the ultimate girly fragance that cheers you up n reminds you that its fun to be a girl. Again my mum hates it but boyf loves it lol!

  7. I've re-purchased this perfume like 10 times! Totally agree with what you said about not being able to not have it in your collection! :) x

  8. YES! Such a gorgeous fragrance, I love it. It's so distinctive too.. I always get compliments when I wear it. I purchased this last year at Duty Free and wore it in Portugal and now it always reminds me of that holiday :)

  9. Oh I love this scent too, I remember the first time I whiffed it, I had to stop the lady on the street to ask what she was wearing, I love this one and midnight fantasy too, I hate Britneys other perfecume though... xx

  10. I kno what you mean about repurchasing a scent that you love...I constantly buy lolita lempicka and SJP lovely...those 2 scents remind me of when I was in college where I had alot of great the moment my new scent is chloe...I have to smell brtney spears fantasy...i actually like circus and been debatin if i should get it this post!!!

  11. first time on your blog and i must say.. i am super impressed
    i really enjoyed reading your content...

    btw i love this perfume.. but i had to go off it for awhile, just to change it up..

    step by mine sometime

  12. i have a friend who is addicted to this! i always ask her for the bottle when she's finished with it- its so pretty :)


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