Sunday, 20 March 2011

[046] Filthy Gorgeous 'Blah'



Not to everyone's liking but so so to mine 'Blah' is a bright bogey green haha. Wow I'm making it sound so attractive but seriously I love the loudness of this colour, to be honest it's probably because my hands have a tiny bit of tan to them so I think it compliments them quite well. I'm just really into neon colours at the moment, it's all about getting excited about brights again and that is exactly what I'm doing. I think this colour is really similar to the new Illamasqua one 'Radium' Carly has done an amazing post on it HERE
, you should check it out! Do you guys remember that film Flubber? with Robin Williams? This green reminds me of that..loves it. This colour is by filthy gorgeous cosmetics and is available at Debenhams. 


What do you think of neon nails? They are slowly making their way back on my fingers..

Lots of Love



  1. so cutes! i wish i had a tan, everything looks better with a tan! gorgeous colour. xo.

  2. I really dont like this colour, reminds me of 90's rave parties haha! sorry :(

  3. thats flubber in that bottle! looks good!

  4. I love this color on you. I'd so wear this with an all black and gray outfit. Or maybe even a colorful spring outfit!
    xoxo Debby

  5. woah that is BRIGHT! LOLing at bogey green xx

  6. Slimer green is fast becoming my favourite colour! So naturally I love this colour!

  7. This looks so good with your skintone. Love it! xx

  8. dear Zara, this is jayashri.. i wll be in singapore for my internship and would love to know wer to shop for good, not very ecpensive cosmetics... could u help me?

  9. I love neon nail colors! There's no way I could pull of that green, but it looks awesome on you!

  10. It's gorgeous! I love green polishes and this one is especially awesome.

  11. Your tan's perfect for these colors, looks great


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