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[044] NARS Illuminators


These NARS illuminators were released last month and lets face it I just couldn't resist. I am a really big fan of NARS blushers and Multiples, I just thing the colours, the textures and the finishes are beautiful. If we cast our minds back to when NARS first released the Orgasm illuminator I know for sure I was not the only one who felt the dissapointment. The consistency was watery,it did very little on the skin and for 'Orgasm' a shade known for suiting all skin tones it practically vanished on to mine. I don't find theres much to dislike with NARS but this was one product that I really felt let the side down. 

Last month saw the rebirth of the NARS illuminator and the introduction of new shades 'Laguna', 'Copacabana', Super Orgasm'  and of course not to forget the newly reformulated 'Orgasm'. WOW what an improvement, this is more of what is to be expected by NARS. The colours are gorgeous with amazing shimmer shot through them. The cosistency is light but blends beautifully. I couldn't decided between the shades and seeing as highlighting products are becoming a firm favourite I chose 'Laguna', 'Orgasm' and 'Super Orgasm'. 



Laguna : Has those gorgeous warm golden tones to it, it really is more of that bronzed goddess look. It's one of the colours that has the least amount of shimmer but definetley a lot of a depth. 

Orgasm : I really believe this colour is for EVERYONE! It's such a lovely mix between a pink and a coral and it has the most gorgeous pearly finish. This to me is a perfect highlight, it looks amazing swept across the cheek bones. 

Super Orgasm : Probably the most glitzy of all the illuminators. Super Orgasm is a lot more pink than I expected. It also has a lot of gold shimmer to it, it may not be visible from the pics but it really is very sparkly. This one I can see myself wearing on a night out.

Copocabana is the other illuminator in this collection but was too much of an 'icy' colour for myself. It looks great on lighter skintones as it has a pretty pink pearl finish. 

Here they are blended a little more out, obviously I would wear them a lot more blended than this but If I carried on blending on my hand it would end up being one sparkly mess! 


Great used : 
On the cheek bones, Under the arch of the brows, Alone the bridge of the nose and a little teeny tiny bit on the cupids bow of the lips. 

On skin alone, Over foundation and Mixed in with foundation for that ultimate glow. 

These illuminators are perfect for creating that dewy complexion that we all want as the sunnier days become more frequent. 

Have you tried any of the NARS illuminators? What are your favourite highlighting products!? 
Lots of Love



  1. I am waiting a 20% OFF coupon at Sephora to get the Super orgasm one so PRETTTTYYYY

  2. These look stunning! Gota get super orgasm for sure.

  3. These all look lush but if i had to pick one it would be super orgasm! for sure! x

  4. They look super stunning. A must have for spring/summer! :) Lovely blog as always! x x

  5. I've never tried these. I like Laguna and maybe Orgasm. Thanks for sharing and the swatches. xx

  6. I usually use MAC CCB in pearl or hush. I really want NARS super orgasm now, and orgasm too to use it on my legs this summer!

  7. Ah so pretty! I am really considering Orgasm or Copacabana! I have heard liquid illuminators are good for legs at drawing attention to muscles and making them slimmer also. I definitely love my nars Albatross powder highlighter! Maybe I will try a liquid one next! :)

  8. Wow super orgasm looks Sooo nice!! Love colours Like that!! :D x

  9. Oh my god, these looks amazing! I want all 3! Fingers crossed they appear on ASOS soon so I can use student discount!

  10. oh wow they all look so gorguz! I am deffo wanting orgasm, such a prettyful shade! Thanks for sharing hun :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  11. it's insane how much i want orgasm and super orgasm! gorgeous!x

  12. I really wanted the Orgasm illuminator when it first launched but was disappointed by the bad reviews for it... Can't wait to see how this new formulation fares xx

  13. I never know how to use these properly so thanks for the hints on where to place them. I have a question though, when you say to mix it with foundation, do you mean to then put the foundation over your entire face as normal? Would that not make the skin look super shiny? Loving the blog still! xx


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