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[042] Update on my Virgin Value Challenge..


Hey lovelies hope you are all well.. 
I want you all to be part of my Virgin Value challenge so I thought I would let you know how my preperations for my trip are going. I will be visiting the lovely Liverpool at the end of this month.  We leave on Monday 28th of March returning on Tuesday 29th, I am going up with my gorgeous girlfriend Janine. We booked our tickets about a week ago now and got a really good price. Booking in advance and off peak we managed to make a great saving which means more to splash in Liverpool. The tickets worked out at £70 rtn for the both of us. How amazing is that? £35 each! a walk up ticket to Liverpool could have cost us over £400 together!! I can't believe how much we saved just by booking a few weeks in advanced.

A couple of days ago we booked our accommodation, we are staying a hotel appartment which looks lovely. It also seems like we are in a good location, very close to Liverpool ONE which is great! near to the shops just how I like it haha. We are also quite close to Albert Dock which is fab. Our appartment only cost us £45 for the night which I think is great and it looks gorgeous can't wait to take lots of pics.

We have been getting together a list of places we want to go and things we want to see. Like I said in my first post if any of you have visited Liverpool before or live in Liverpool and have any suggestions then please do get in touch.

Hope you are all having a fab week.. today is my first day off so it feels like a Monday, replying to emails, blogging, tweeting you know the drill. I included a picture above of what my mornings look like haha.. all made better by a cuppa!

Lots of Love



  1. Hope you have a brilliant time! :)

  2. sounds fun liverpool is so good amazing shops and one of the best nights out ive been on x

  3. Sounds like fun, your so lucky! look forward to more posts from you, I was suggested your blog by bubblegarm! Lots love your new follower xx :o)

  4. OMG! I thought I was big on social networking & multitasking but DAMN!!! That picture above says it all!! :o

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  5. sounds so much fun! there's nothing like a trip with a girlfriend!

  6. As well as Liverpool One, make sure you visit the Met Quarter and Cavern Walks for shopping, there are some cute vintage-y shops on Bold Street too (Resurrection).
    I love Alma de Cuba for cocktails in town, and Circo on the Albert Dock! You could also visit Mathew Street and The Cavern where the Beatles have played!
    I live about 20 mins away from Liverpool and out of all the cities I've ever been it's got the best nightlife! Hope you have fun!

  7. Oohh I lived in Liverpool for 6 years and miss it soooo much!
    My top places would be for the day Liverpool One, The Met Quarter (there's a MAC there, as well as nice clothes shops, woop woop), Cavern Walks (that's where Cricket is- apparently the Wags all shop here), The Albert Docks (just nice to mooch around, Bold Street (its just up from Liverpool One and has loads of independant shops on) annnddd if you were feeling cultural the Natural World Musuem (near Lime Street Station is fun).
    For the night, if you head to concert square, you can't go far wrong! A really nice bar is Alma da Cuba (it was a church but they made it into a swanky cocktail bar and it does nice food too) or if you want to just let your hair down and have fun, Heebie Geebies (just up from Alma De Cuba i) is fun too.

    ooohhh i've made myself all nostaligic now :) xxxx

  8. I live in Liverpool, and to be honest I couldn't be happier anywhere else! I would definatly say visit Claudia Pink in the Metquarter, its a great place to buy costume jewellery and its all handmade! I would also say try and visit The Dressing Room, on School Lane, its at the back of Primark, they have some georgeous one-off dresses!
    All i can say about the night-life is that it is amazing, Mathew Street, Albert Dock and the town centre are the obvious and most popular places!
    Have fun. I can't wait to see your post and pictures when you get back!

  9. Further to the above comment, do NOT go to Concert Square for a night out! I'd say that it's the one place to definitely avoid in Liverpool!!


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