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[041] MFM Ft Oilatum 'Natural Repair' Face Cream




Monday again!? Where is time going.. I just don't know, this weekend seems to have gone by extremely fast, what is that about? I had a pretty chilled, uneventful one. How was yours? 

Well since last Monday I have been using a new face cream, basically my skin has become pretty dry, dehydrated and just blah. I really didn't know what to use because I've tried so much and at times it can be hard to pinpoint the products that actually made a difference. I was tempted to repurchase Embryolisse but I'd prefer to wait till I'm next in Paris and purchase it then. So I took to Twitter, it was then that Nicola recommended Oilatum. She recently posted a pic of her skin without makeup and I was honestly beyond jealous her skin is gorgeous, flawless and not really in need of very much make.. totally JEL. I also remember Nic from Pixiwoo talking about it and so I figured I'd give it a go. I had no idea it was a drugstore brand at an extremely affordable price. I am not going to do a full review because let's face it after a week of using it I'm hardly one to judge. What I will say is that I noticed a real difference almost immediateley. My skin feels a lot more hydrated and I no longer feel the dry patches. Very little of the cream is required and it isn't a thick heavy cream which I like. It's a lightweight cream but feels as if it's working which for me with a dry skin type is often hard to find. I will continue using this and hopefully be able to give you a more thorough review but so far so good. 

How was your weekend? What are your favourite products from the last week? 

Happy Monday 

Lots of Love 



  1. I was SO disappointed by this!!! : (

    i have dry/dehydrated skin too but figured i'd give it a try and order international. I need to put huge globs of it on, in order for it to feel like it's doing anything. Glad it's working for you!!!

    I've been obsessed with the NARS copacabana illuminator-- its the superior one out of the bunch. It just delivers a glowy/sheen no shimmer. and good for cool or warm skintones.


  2. Bloomin love this moisturiser :) xo

  3. I use it tooo :) and I love it :D my skin looks ahhhmazinnggg since I started using it

  4. Thanks for sharing, it seems like a winner!

  5. ..sounds like a great product ..

  6. I agree with you totally! I've heard about this product from Nicola as well and have been using it for the past couple of months! I never thought I'd end up using a moisturizer for dry skin but I needed it as my skin was really getting dry flaky patches.. probably due to the windy weather we have here in Malta. xoxo

  7. I have been using this for the last month, and I love it, really sorts out any dry patches I have around my nose. Much better than some really expensive moisturisers I have wasted money on...:-)

  8. This is the one I need! My skin has gone crappy recently and I need something to fix it up quickly!

  9. Interested to try this now! :)

  10. I've also just started using this after hearing all the fab reviews on it. Only been a few days but I am seriously loving it! My skin feels super hydrated & its not too greasy or expensive either, fab! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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