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[040] My Favourite Make-up Brushes..


Hey lovelies this is a HUGE, photo heavy post that has taken me what seems like forever to do. I did this as I was getting a lot of requests to do a post on my favourite brushes so here it is. I just want to apologise for the quality of the pictures they aren't great but I hope you can appreciate that at midnight on a Sunday night I didn't really care, as long as you get the jist of things.


If reading about my favourite brushes is something that may interest you click below!

Base Brushes
MAC 190


Great brush for applying primer, foundation and even cream blushers. I have used the 190 as a staple in my brush kit for the last 8 years or so I actually own four of them. I use this brush mainly for liquid foundation as it just helps with easy, even application.

MAC 130



I love this brush I didn't use it that often when I first bought it, I don't know why. I have been using it as my primary foundation brush at the moment because it works so well with my current foundation which is the MAC studio sculpt. I love the way in which this brush creates a really buffed in foundation look. I also think because there is less movement in the bristles it's great for use under the eyes and around the nose.

Concealer Brushes
Shu Uemura Synthetic 12



The reason I use the Shu Uemura brush for concealer is because to me it's almost a mini foundation brush and it fits really well in to areas I tend to conceal. Especially under the eyes.

Sigma SS224


The other brush I like to use for concealer is the SS224 which is a copy of the MAC's 224 blending brush. This works really well with concealer as it buffs and blends the concealer and the foundation really well together.

Powder Brushes
Sigma SS150


This is pretty similar to the MAC powder brush and is pretty much a standard all over powder brush. I use this when I'm setting my foundation with a translucent it\s great for just dusting powder all over. It is a little big and I tend to use a smaller brush as well.

MAC 188



I used to use this brush for lot's of different things. At first it was cream blush, then it was to highlight and more recenetly at LFW I saw Terry Barber use this as a contour brush. It really is a great brush with many purposes I am currently using it as a powder brush to set areas which are harder to with the SS150. It works really well for applying setting powder under the eyes and around the nose.

Blusher Brushes
MAC 129 Short Hand


I have used this brush for about 2 years and it is my favourite blusher brush, I use the this brush on the flat side. So I apply the product on to the brush then just sweep it along the apples of my cheeks without really using the top of the brush. I also like the fact that this this brush has a shorter handle I just feel as if I have better control over the application of product.

Contour Brush
Sigma SS168


This sigma brush has become my current favourite contour brush. I prefer it to the MAC brush as it's a lot softer and slighly wider. I feel like you can create perfect shapes with this brush and I feel a lot more in control.

Highlight Brush
MAC 165


This is a gorgeous brush again fabulous for many things. Great as a blusher/contour brush however I am using this brush to highlight. What is nice about this brush is that it is slightly tapered so you can really use the tip of the brush to create that perfect highlighted look just in the right places.

Eyeshadow Brushes
MAC 217


This such a great brush for applying shadow especially to crease it is great for blending out shadow too. If I could only have one eyeshadow brush it might just be this one.




Perfect brush for really applying a precise amount of shadow, great to use in the sockets. I also love using this brush along the lower lash line, the domed shape means that you can really get good control of using this brush.

MAC 224


No smokey eye of mine is complete without using this brush. It is the only brush that to me really really blends shadows together, it's a fluffy brush but helps you blend like a dream. It is definitely the key tool to my eye makeup.

MAC 214



A gorgeous brush that I have posted on before to me I tend to use this if I am smudging out eyeliner or applying shadow to the lower lash line. The bristles are really close together which gives you great control.

Sigma SS239 and MAC 252


Great brushes that I use for applying colour all over the lid. They are both pretty wide brushes but collect the colour of the eyeshadow really well and make for easy application.

Eyeliner Brush
Laura Mercier Fine point liner brush



The brush I swear by for applying gel liner. I have got to the point where I won't use any other brush. This to me is perfection It's a very thin bristled brush and I just feel like you can create the perfect line with it. I own two of these and if they are both dirty I refuse to wear gel liner. I have to just say this picture does not do this brush justice this is my more battered one of the two and it was slightly fluffy as I'd just washed it.

Eyebrow Brush
Laura Mercier Eyebrow definer



I get a lot of comments as to what I use on my eyebrows. I have naturally dark brows but I have a few gaps as we do and I tend to fill them in with black e/s on an angled brush. The one I use is by Laura Mercier and is just a standard angled eyebrow brush, the bristles of this brush are pretty hard and I like that again it helps with precision.

Eyelash Curlers
Shu Uemura


I curl my lashes everyday before applying mascara It makes such a difference and you will only notice it once you start using them. A lot of people are scared by these little devices, once you get the hang of it, it will be so hard to live without them. Shu Uemura has one various awards including the instyle beauty award for these eyelash curlers and they really are fantastic/ You should give them a go. I have been using them for about 4 years now.

Shu Uemura lip brush 7H



The perfect shaped lip brush for really creating the perfect lip. To be honest I only really use a lip brush if I am applying a really bright colour. There's nothing more I can't stand then a bright lip which is not defined. This brush really helps to create the perfect pout.

Cleaning Brushes


I tend to use MAC's brush cleanser but I don't actually have very much left so I just shampoo my brushes. I am lucky because I have quite a large selection I can probably get away with washing my brushes once a week. I really am so lazy when it comes to cleaning them, I tend to wash them and leave them to dry overnight. The MAC brush cleanser is ideal if you need to clean your brushes instantly and that's why I always like to have a bottle lying around. (Adds to MAC list!)

So there you have it, I just want to say that brushes are expensive and the ones that I have I have bought gradually over the years. There are so many amazing brushes out there, I have to say I think my Sigma brush kit is one of the best value and best quality sets of brushes out there. I love them.

Hope this post helps.. lots of love



  1. Thanks for this post, brushes are very essential and i rather have less but better quality.

  2. Such a great informative post! To this day I only have one high quality brush from sephora, the rest are paint brushes! haha, I think I am going to invest in sigma though, have wanted to for ages just never got around to it! xo

  3. This was an excellent post, Zara. Thank you! :)

  4. Amazing post. The 217 is a favourite with me too, for just about everything! Love it.


  5. This makes me want to go shopping :D xx

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this honey and all your posts :)

  7. i follow tones of blogs... but yours is by far the best. u r really nice too!

  8. This is such a useful and helpful post - I'm going to bookmark it so I have it for reference FOREVER :-)

  9. haha why your shoes are with youe brushes ? jk great helpful post sigma Sigma SS150 aka f30 is my must have powder brush too.

  10. I want a set of sigma brushes so bad! :)

  11. this was SO helpful! thank you :)

  12. What about the Mac 217 lady? It's one of my staples, I couldn't live without it! It's great as an all over lid brush and as a crease brush.

  13. Thanks so much for this post - and for explaining what you use them for - helps a newbie like me! :) xx


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