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[037] YSL Rouge Volupte 20 'Spicy Pink'



I had a voucher for House of Fraser and what better way to spend it than in the beauty department. I actually didn't know what to buy I wandered around the Chanel counter and then the YSL counter and then decided I'd spend it on a YSL lipstick. I absolutely love the YSL Rouge Volupte's and for some reason the two I have are bright colours. I see these lipsticks as a real treat at £22.50 they aren't exactly the cheapest of lipsticks. I played around with these lipsticks for a while in search of that perfect nude brown lipstick.


I know I have become pretty boring with lip colours lately but I can't help it. The colour I decided on was number 20 'Spicy Pinky' and I love it its just so much more than your average nude, it's like your lips but better! I love this colour it seems like my current favourite NARS lipliner in 'Rosebud' would compliment this so well. I promise I will put some pics of new products on me as soon as I get well enough to take pics. (My skin is all over the place!)



For those of you who have never tried these lipsticks before they are amazing, they feel so lovely on the lips and have a glossy but non sticky finish to them. I feel like they give the lips a really plumped out look which makes me what to pout! Haha. I am really loving glossy lips at the moment, especially in the evenings.


The packaging of these lipsticks is divine, so luxurious I love whipping these out the handbag! The Rouge Voluptes also smell gorgeous like watermelons -Yummy! I thought I would share swatches of the other two colours I have as I think they are so so perfect for SS11 and amazing for creating that statement lip.




How gorgeous are these colours.. ahh my growing YSL RV family! One thing I love is the little mirror on top of the lipsticks.. HOWEVER the one I purchased didn't have one and I didn't realise till I got home. Have they stopped doing the mirrors on top? Or is this just an odd one? It was such a perfect touch! Tut Tut..


What do you guys think of the YSL Rouge Volupte's? Do you own any? Which are your favourites? What have you been treating yourself with lately?

Lots of Love



  1. Gorgeous colour, looking forward to seeing it on you.

    Hope your getting better...x

  2. looks gorgeous, i want them all! love that colour, you have the skin to suit them all. not sure about pale mcgee here :( xo.

  3. i dont have any but wow they are mind blowingly gorgeous!! you picked a gorgeous shade there xox

  4. I was at the YSL counter too today, checking the lipsticks and i need #9 and #29, but they bleed so much on the lips:(

  5. I've already told you this but.. I want 'Spicy Pink' thanks to you ;-)
    And 10 actually! xo

  6. #26 'Tender Peach' was the first YSL lipstick I ever purchased and I fell in love! The formula is nice and moisturizing which is a HUGE plus. #7 'Lingerie Pink' is also a great color for fair to medium skin tones, and is one of my favs!

  7. I want one of these lipsticks. I probably wouldn't even wear it but it's pretty lol xx

  8. Ah, they look so gorgeous. I've always wanted to own one but it's just the price that puts me off. :-/ x

  9. I love these sooo much, only have the one (Peach Passion) but it's gorgeous, and I am SO in love with the packaging. Wish I had the money to buy them all! Spicy Pink looks gorgeous :) xx

  10. Oooh 27 is so pretty, I love these lipsticks! I'm going to have to check if mine has a mirror now...

  11. I've never actually tried YSL lippies - but i'm always so tempted as the packaging is so gorgeous :) Would love to see a FOTD with this

  12. I don't own any but they're so pretty, you're making me want to splash out!

  13. The new lippie looks like it would look great on darker skin tones like mine & #27 is a MUST! I've been enabled.

  14. They've done away with the mirrors from what I can tell, got one a few weeks ago and no mirror for me! :( this is a gorgeous colour, LOVE the colour too. Hello summer investment! Haha


  15. they look such good quality :) i wish i could justify me spending more than £20 on a lipstick!x

  16. Zara, have you tried the YSL Rouge Pur Couture? They are my favourite lipsticks by far and they have some lovely bright pink and coral shades, plus there is a pinky brown nude in the current limited edition collection that you would love! x

  17. I did such a similar post! LOL I love em, but feel like they run out too quickly?! xx

  18. I love the colors you have in this. The RV's I have are either red or a muted brown/nude. I think I just may go for these next--definitely SS!

  19. such gorguz colours hun, number 20 especially! looks really beautiful, looking forward to seeing it on ya! I deffo need at least one YSL lippie in my life! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  20. these colours are beautiful. I love the shimmer! and the packaging!!!

  21. I only just got Lingerie Pink and mine doesn't have a mirror either :( so disappointed. Love the colours you got though! :) xx

  22. love these! I have number 10 too. And 19, which is similair to your 20.

    Higggghly recommend 16 (it's a bright one) orangey coraly red - :/ if that's possible? xx


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