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[036] Benefit Goodies



At the Benefit event we were sent away with some things to try, I have tried a few products before when I was younger but never really re purchased them, I don't why I seem to now associate Benefit with being a young girly teen. I used to love the iconic 'Moonbeam', 'Bad Girl' pencil and 'Dandelion' powder. I haven't actually bought anything from them in a long time and I didn't know how extensive the range had become.



One thing we were all given was the Gilded pencil this is a gorgeous highlighting pencil and I have to say i really like the colour of it. It's described as a golden tangerine and it really is that so perfect for that golden glow. What I really like about this pencil is the texture, it's so soft and blends through lovely. Once it's blended out it's so gorgeous as it has a really pretty sparkle to it. This is definitely a great colour for a lot of skin tones as it adds real warmth to the skin. I think this is going to work perfectly by just adding a little bit of light in the inner corners of the eye.


'Bella Bamba'


The other product I received was the new Bella Bamba blusher, the colour of this is a quite a deep pink with a pretty golden shimmer to it. Again this is a colour which I can see suitable for all skin tones especially for women of colour. I go through phases with blusher and although I am not really in to pinks at the moment this is for sure a gorgeous tone of pink. The colour pay off of this blusher is amazing very little goes a long way as it's super pigmented. It really is a very pretty pink!





The last product I received was the Creaseless Cream eyeshadow/liner, the colour I got was 'RSVP' which is a really pretty champagne/pearly colour. These are great little pots as they double up as an eyeshadow and a liner. One thing I noticed about this product when I swatched it was how the colour really stayed in place which was really suprising. As I'm more of a smokey eye kinda girl I see products like these as perfect for applying to the inner corner or along the bottom lash line. I promise to post some pics as I start using these new products.



I have to say the gimmicky packaging of Benefits products is sort of growing on me.. It is kinda cute haha! What are your favourite products? Have you tried any of the products I was given? What were your thoughts?

Lots of Love



  1. I have gilded and I love it! I kind like benefits packaging. Love the retro girly vibe it gives off. xo :)

  2. Omg the blush looks gorgeous x x x

  3. Hmm Gilded and Bella Bamba look so pretty :)

  4. I have a few pieces by benefit- I think the creaseless shadow dries out fairly quickly in the pot which is a shame. I like the glass pots though. Looks like fun :) xx

  5. I love their lemon aid :) Its the best undereye cover up in the WHOLE WORLD :) Honestly its so good. I couldn't live without it anymore.

  6. Oh so lucky! My favourite benefit product has to be skinny jeans! It's amazing.

  7. Ah, Bella Bamba looks lovely! x

  8. Lucky you! Everything looks amazing!

  9. My fav items from Benefit are Dallas blush, it's the perfect bronze/rose color for people with our skin tone :)

  10. Oh loved the packaging on bella bamba!

  11. I love Benefit! Bella Bamba is amazing and you should really try That Gal and Girl Meets Pearl.
    The creasless creams also last a really long time on me..I love 'Skinny Jeans' and 'Strut' the best for a perfect smokey eye look :) xx

  12. Great pick! The blush looks soooo pretty!

  13. I think the packaging of Benefit products is cute, but not very practical for the blushes. Bella Bamba looks amazing and I really want to try some of their creaseless cream eyeshadows.

  14. The staying power of 'rsvp' is actually amazing! I was expecting it to crease all over the place! Xx

  15. Ah you got some really nice Productss!! I really like benefit packaging! So cute x


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